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Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Sarah Brandner shoulder ink Bayern Munich

Keep calm and read on, Kickettes. Image Credit: AP.

Sadly, it was anything but quiet on the news front for us this past weekend, but as always, we’re ready and willing to help you bounce back into work action.

Although if you require posts in addition to this one, know that we’ll only resume work upon receipt of our mandatory compensation (in this case that would be Thanksgiving leftovers from our U.S.-based readers).


Welcome To The Club: Vedrana Linardić


Image via jutarnji.hr

They tried to keep it private, but Vedran Ćorluka clearly did not factor into our roving reporter’s persistence whilst on duty.

Yes, it’s true, the Spurs defender is now dating 27-year-old Croatian model Vedrana (nah, that won’t be confusing) Linardić.

What do we know about our newest club member? Well, she recently ended a relationship with NK Lokomotiva striker Nino Bule, she’s quite famous in her home country but aspires to have international recognition before retirement. Dating an EPL footballer will not harm her chances in this regard. Vedrana is also a trained teacher, implying that she is patient, relaxed and used to dealing with juvenile behaviour.  This may be useful, since the Xmas party season will soon be on us.

Lastly, the reason she is with Vedran is that ‘he can talk for hours’ and ‘knows what he wants in life‘. Oi! No snarking at the back, Kickettes! He really loved Iva when he had that tattoo done.

Lucky he had it removed though, no?

Ashley Cole & Chloe Green: Dating Or Just Dabbling?


Footballer WAG dating england girlfriend cashley cole

Ashely Cole and Chloe Green leaving Cirque du Soir, Ganton Street, London.

Philipp Green Topshop daughterAshley Cole and Chloe Green are a rando mix of people to be seen exiting Cirque du Soir’s backdoor separately at 4am, no?

Clearly they must be doing it. And clearly Ashley has a fetish for wannabe ballerinas.

Just kidding! We have no clue why the Chelsea man and the reality telly star were doing their best to play coy and undercover when they weren’t even pictured together, but at least Ashley looked spiff in the process.

Ex husband Cheryl chelsea footballerThat is, until he got into a heated argument with a passer by along his way home, politely picking a fight with the stranger smack dab in the middle of the street. Although his mate was successful in his attempts at physical containment, Ashley then rifled off a verbal assault on bystanding paparazzi, telling one of them that they’d be ‘dead in two years’.

All’s fair in lust & street fights?

QOTD: Adil Rami Has A Type


French International, one-time calendar boy/proud nudist and Valencia central defender took some time out of his busy Albanian tourist schedule to remind us why he’s out of our league:

‘[My] type is Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes, Megan Fox, Shakira. I think it is clear that if I have to choose, I prefer brunettes.’

We find it moderately interesting that Rami covets Gerard Pique’s blond haired other half since Shakira hasn’t been a brunette for some time now, and Valencia and Barcelona play one another in two weeks’ time (give or take a few days, counting is not our forte).

Nothing will probably come of it – unless we magically secure some tickets to the Mestalla and low light appointments at Aveda before then.

Image via Tumblr.

Mario Balotelli & Raffaella Fico: Baffling Bandages


Mario Balotelli and his more-than-a-fling-thing, Raffaela Fico, were seen leaving Manchester’s San Carlo restaurant together earlier this month. It’s Super Mario’s favourite eatery in the North of England, which is essentially useless information, unless we want to speculate about how things are really heating up between these two.

Could be, now that he’s opened the door to a possible switch to Parma FC. Ms Fico, mind you, is only a boat ride away in Naples. But that’s not entirely relevant to why we’re bringing you this post.