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QOTD: Fabio Cannavaro Caught In ‘Enormous’ Lie


Image: REUTERS/Samrang Pring.

“Size has never been a problem for me.”

Er… we beg to differ, Fabio. You may claim not to remember the Photoshop D&G re-touch incident of 2006, but it is scorched into our frontal lobes to the extent that we can call it to mind on closed eyes command.

Size has most certainly been a problem for you, but not for us.


Back In Business: Thierry Henry & Paul Scholes


Oh no he didn’t! Thierry Henry confounds the sceptics and scores on his second debut for Arsenal. Image: Clive Mason/Getty Images Europe.

You couldn’t make this stuff up, could you? But from the moment Thierry Henry appeared on the Emirates pitch for Arsenal’s warm-up last night, the cheers of the crowd and the player’s delight suggested something awesome was about to occur. Even his ex-wife (and mother of his only child, daughter Tea), Claire Merry, tweeted her excitement at Titi’s return.


Football Kit Development: A Kickette Guide For Manufacturers


Image: REUTERS/Murad Sezer.

Remember the other day when we were bemoaning the detrimental effect that kit re-sizing had on our bringing you the best in short tents? Well, since that sad day, Polish NT striker Arkadiusz Piech has shown us there is still room for optimism (although not much else) during Poland’s friendly against Bosnia on 16th December.

Presumably some kind of man parts/fabric snarl up caused this happy accident, but we’d like FIFA and kit developers everywhere to take note. We have no objection to a mid-thigh length in new short designs (speedo-type pelvic wear is quite off putting unless Francesco Totti is involved) but the fabric needs to be snug, stretchy and preferably transparent when wet. Study the above photo of Arkadiusz for further specifications.

Actually, maybe we should cut the hedging and just get them playing in something like this (left). Whaddya reckon? Too exploitative?

Iker Casillas: Salsa Fits His Life


Condiments complete us too, babe. Image: Facebook.

Iker Casillas: Football Camp Crusader


Iker Casillas, how we love thee and thee’s charity work. You made many campers happy this past Monday when you visited them (and your hometown) in Navalcruz, which is just one of the million reasons why you’ll always be our number #1 ‘baller of choice.

Except when David Beckham finally comes to his senses and accepts our sleepover invitation. Then you may get the boot, but we’re sure we could work out a mutually beneficial bed arrangement to satisfy both our boys.

Kickettes, if you’re yearning for more San Iker shots, pop by our Facebook page to scroll through our extended photo album (since we never did get around to fixing our gallery and all).