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Farewell, Fabs! Cannavaro Announces His Retirement


Image via REUTERS/Sebastien Pirlet.

Five years to the day that he led his calcio boys to victory in the 2006 World Cup, Fabio Cannavaro has announced his retirement from the game. Persistent knee and other injuries led to the decision to hang up his boots.

Awful news, isn’t it?

Canna’s is a legacy of incredible footballing talent: most capped Italian player in history, 2006 European Footballer of the Year, expert chest hair shaver, love of the game and eyes that can peel off a good pair of knickers with one glance (we and Alena Seredova speak in facts and truths, Kickettes).


The Hot Hall Of Fame: Yoann Gourcuff Gets Inducted


We realised that leaving Yoann Gourcuff out of the sixth iteration of our F5 list (due out Monday!) would cause some fallout, but we weren’t sure how large of a seismic disturbance would disrupt our beauty sleep months after the initial blast. Nor were we prepared to find out.

We, like a good majority of you here, like staring at Mr G. and are not willing to tolerate anything less than total all-out representation on this site. And what’s a better early quarter century birthday gift than an unrestricted pass to the Kickette Hot Hall of Fame?

Hopefully it’s a gift he’s been waiting one, one that doesn’t prevent him from taking his shirt off at every moment possible.