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Weekend Results: In-Flight Entertainment


Hot footballers international duty UEFA Euro 2012

Friday night international fixtures: sorry, but seriously? There are certain things in life that are sacred, and our freedom to plan our entire lives around the period of self-inflicted oblivion that occurs between the hours of 4pm Friday to about 3am on a Saturday morning is one of them.

Have some respect, FIFA or UEFA or whoeverthehell is in charge. The wrath of woman (post-intoxication) is not something you are equipped to mess with.


Internationals Fixtures: The Big Questions


Is this a ‘Twister’ contest?

As usual in the days leading up to a bunch of international fixtures, our inboxes are littered with images of players in training. We have been studying these at length (for work purposes, obviously) and quickly became aware of a number of important questions that need to be asked regarding team preparation, proposed formations and tactics.

But those were boring. So we made up some more interesting ones.


Bambino Bombing: Carolina Marcialis & Michela Quattrociocche


Dragging a beautiful bubba to a ball game is rapidly becoming a national sport in Italy. This week’s fixture within a fixture is Carolina Marcialis (Antonio Cassano) vs. Michela Quattrociocche (Alberto Aquilani), and while we’d like to say that Carolina (l) is doing a better job of rocking matching plaid with Christopher than many might, our eyes are still traumatised enough to call this a win for Michela and Aurora (r).

Anyone care?

Torso-Fros: Stroke ‘Em Or Shave ‘Em?


Juventus FC’s Andrea Barzagli is a stud in our diaries. Image Credit: Claudio Villa/Getty Images Europe.

A quick query while you’re here: do you find exposed chest hair (aka torso-fro) on footballers (or men in general) to be a lovable rug to hug or an ingrown fur to forget about?

The Monday Mmm: Fabio Cannavaro, Al Ahli


Don’t blame yourselves for not recognising that noise. That, dear friends, is the sound of the Kickette office, moments after being stunned into awed silence by the above image. Credit: Claudio Villa/Getty Images Europe.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years. Now that Hot Hall of Famer Fabio Cannavaro has winked at us, we see no point in continuing with normal life and will be retiring to a cupboard somewhere in order to relive this heavenly moment again and again.

It’s been emotional.