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Kickette Catch Up: Christmas Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Atletico Madrid Liverpool

Care to comment on this habberdashery of colour that exploded at Maxi Rodriguez’s house on Christmas Day? Image: Sergio Aguero’s Twitter.

How was the start to your holidays, Kickettes? Ours were gluttonous, to say the least, but how did other footy stars spend their holidays? Hope you enjoy catching up with our short list of gift-giving guys and gals during our momentary jolt of motivation. We’re going back to beddies now.


- Atletico Madrid man, Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero, wished Maxi Rodriguez a Merry Christmas in person because the entire Aguero clan spent the holidays in Liverpool.

- We’re not sure, but Italian media speculated on the prospects of Mario Balotelli walk of shaming it back to Manchester from his supposed new WAGabee‘s pad.

- Two from Real Madrid spent their few festive days off elsewhere: Jose Mourinho, and his family jetted off to New York City while Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Irina Shayk shacked up in the Maldives.


Midweek Results: International Friendlies & Funsies


Tim Cahill’s despair is our deepest joy, sadly. (Getty Images/Daylife)

Midweek international friendlies. From what we can gather, these games serve no useful purpose from a sporting perspective but provide us with the opportunity to perv on players while they’re wearing different coloured jerseys. For this reason, and this reason alone, we at Kickette applaud the international friendly and will campaign for its continued presence in the footballing calendar. Please enjoy our highlights in the meantime.


Euro 2012 Qualifier Results


Sergio kisses it better? In our world, yes.

We’d like to say that the above photo is indicative of the international spirit of football and manlove characterising last night’s Euro 2012 qualifiers. And while Spain vs. Scotland was nearly a triumph of David and Goliath proportions, like the photo, the truth is somewhat different. There was little successful football played and the manlove was pretty thin on the ground too. Still, with true Kickette spirit, we soldier on. Pfffththhh.


Weekend Results: Euro 2012 Qualifiers


Kickettes! Pay attention! Taking into account last Friday’s homework assignment, we realise there’s a distinct possibility that many of you will be inhabiting Kickette Island in your head for the foreseeable future and not concentrating on important business matters. We more than anyone understand the lure, so have decided to ease you into a new (and busy) footie week with a round up of the essential Euro 2012 qualifier results.

This way, upon arrival at work you can pretend you have spent a productive weekend following the action, and not constructing elaborate fantasies involving sand and hairbraiding. You’re welcome!


The Friday Fit: Marco Borriello


It would appear that La Roja aren’t the only ones making an effort with their training camp arrival ‘look’. Does this mean we have to spend another Friday worshipping at the altar of Marco Borriello? Oh, go on then… (Getty Images/Zimbio)