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Kiko Macheda: Lost In Translation


They’re saying what? Kiko considers the possible ramifications of a poor translation. (Getty Images/Daylife)

You might have read reports over the last couple of days that Federico Macheda apparently described Manchester United team mate Wayne Rooney as a ‘chav’, in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport whilst on international duty.

However, today it transpires that the newspaper translation departments had been rather loose with their interpretation and Kiko was actually affectionately comparing his working class roots with those of Wayne, the omission of the words ‘like me’ being key to the story.

While we in no way condone Rooney’s latest shenanigans, this kind of thing does make it look rather like the English media are prepared to jump on anything potentially negative involving an NT player and exploit it for all it’s worth.

Under this kind of pressure, the team’s lack of success on the pitch seems a little more reasonable, no?

Midweek Results: Good For You?


Things had got so bad in the French NT dressing room, Florent Malouda was prepared to sacrifice almost anything for the all important win. Image: Getty Images, Reuters via Daylife

All this international friendly/European qualifier shenanigans is playing merry hell with our sanity, Kickettes. To be quite honest we haven’t got a clue who’s playing who, for what reason and when this will all go away and we can return to our happy little world of short tents, toned torsos and the occasional league match, which we can peacefully enjoy with a large margarita and a bucket of nachos.

It’s all a little too much like work, y’know.


Weekend Results: Good For You?


Hands up who ordered two sweaty Spanish boys? Images: Reuters, Getty Images via Daylife

It’s Euro 2012 qualifiers, Kickettes! Admittedly we were taken a touch by surprise; the office diary ‘system’ having only just caught up the start of the new domestic season, but we’ve had our morning caffeine hit (or ten) and are feeling just about excitable enough to run through the results before we crash. Gah!


Battle Of The Holiday Hotties: Xabi Alonso v Marco Borriello


Images via Bellazon

They’ve gone head-to-head before, Kickettes. And we all know how that went. But we feel the risk of repeating ourselves is worth it.

After seeing shots of our most-oft visited Monday morning/afternoon/evening fantasy, Marco Borriello, on vacation in Ibiza (with this),  we thought: why not give him a chance to claim his hot Italian place in the hallowed ‘Hell, Yes’ halls of our HQ?

Is Bori your ultimate beachy-with-benefits babe? Or, will you vote for one of our favourite Spaniards, Xabi Alonso, who is in Mallorca with his family, and definitely deserves a place in every girls Most-Wanted list?

Go on, dear readers, tell us who gets your holiday hottie vote this morning?


Un Triste Addio: Italy Exit The World Cup


Seems awfully strange to have a World Cup without Italy in it anymore, doesn’t it?

Also, the idea of not seeing Canna again on the international stage may not be surprising, but it certainly doesn’t bear thinking about. Someone put this man on a stamp or something.