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WAGs At Euro 2012: Few & Far Between


European footy WAGs must not have the energy to even pretend to give a shite about their partners’ group stage games since only a handful of leading ladies from Spain, Italy and Germany managed to bring their well-dressed selves and kids to some of the early stuff.

Looking especially suspicious at your absence, English WAGs.

Iker’s main squeeze and rumoured fiancee, Sara Carbonero, was lucky enough to see all the Spain vs Italy action from the sidelines. She’s currently in one of the two host countries working hard for the Mediaset Sport sideline reportage wonga.

Does anyone else remember a time when wives and girlfriends were content with being a famous footballer’s wife – accepting their position in life solely through their hot husbands achievements? Those were the good old days, weren’t they Kickettes?

Euro 2012 In Pictures: Italy 1-1 Spain


We watched all 90 minutes of this game and all we got out of it was a nasty case of indigestion. That’ll teach us to never self-diagnose our ailments on WebMD again.

Note to selves: f-o-c-u-s.

In a highly anticipated tie between Molto Bello Hot and Muy Caliente Hot, the most startling aspect of Italy vs Spain was Andres Iniesta’s not so subtle and completely out of the blue man-doration for Daniele De Rossi. Seriously, whenever he was given repose from running, the Spanish star couldn’t keep his paws to himself.

So without further facetious ado’ing, let’s cut to the difficult stuff. Guys and gals, what’s your final verdict on Sergio Ramos’ shorter hair?

Image: @Emenderk. H/T @emcardenas.


[Ed Note: Our gallery remains "under construction" until our worker bees finish combing through the +1000 pics from our photo agencies. Sit tight if you can, gang - there's definitely more to come.]

This Is A Story About Pep Guardiola, Poetry & The Apocalypse


Pep made an appearance at the “Our songs against AIDS” concert alongside singer Lluis Llach. He read some poetry and the audience swooned.

Spain plays Italy tomorrow (Sunday) in a match that may collapse the universe.

Since nothing exists beyond yumfinity to save us, let the good times, pictures and video roll ’till then.

The end.

Now Arriving: France, Germany, Italy & Spain


Images: REUTERS/Juan Medina; AFP.

Airplanes around Europe are trembling under the weight of hair gel and headphones right now as the national teams, fully prepared for battle, make their way to Poland and Ukraine. The staff at Galileo Galilei International in Pisa were on an especially high, Mario-Balotelli-is-in-the-building alert yesterday, but the striker seemed in a good mood and managed to get through customs without having any of his hats seized.


Mario Balotelli: Iced Out


Kickettes, thoughts on the “other” Balotelli news this week? Image: Getty Images.

Notice Mario Balotelli wears not one, not two, but three diamonds in his ears. Large ones, that sparkle and shine when held up to our jewellery appraising expert eye.

The two-eared over-bling is usually something we hate, but then Super Mario could rock a pair of platinum hoop earrings and we’d still be giving him the financially set nod of approval.