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Robert Feczesin & Regina Dukai: A+ For Effort


Robert Feczesin is a Hungarian professional footballer currently playing for Brescia Calcio in Italy’s Serie B league. This would not usually qualify him for coverage on our selective site, but Robert has a secret weapon or two worth mentioning.

First up, he has a hot girlfriend by the name of Regina Dukai, and he’s not afraid to pose with her at Champions League quarter-final ties to gain more exposure. Regina has a Noemie Lenoir-like appeal going for her, doesn’t she, Kickettes?

More importantly, Robert has slightly dodgy quiff, which is always a shot in the arm for certain sections of our staff.

We’re peculiar, we know. Don’t fight it, embrace it. You’ll be better people for it.

Ezequiel Lavezzi & Yanina Screpante: Turning Over A Sunny New Leaf


Ed Note: Everyone and their daughter mum have been hanging in the fashionable Italian city lately…

Ezequiel Lavezzi looked Charlie Sheen crazy good whilst shopping in Milan three days ago with his goddess, girlfriend Yanina Screpante.

This is the first time we’ve paid attention to the Argentine model since last November, after she quickly appeared and disappeared from our WAGs who are barely relevant roster following that Twitter rant. Can’t say we’ve missed many updates from her end; her boyfriend, on the other hand, is a different story.

Why? Well, because through all the drama between his girl and his club’s prez, Lavezzi made damn sure his sexiness persevered. As it should have.

It’s reasons and moments like this – when footballers are seen walking and smiling – that this website exists. So don’t just sit there, Kickettes. Go out and rejoice in sunny peace. If nothing else, you should give be thankful you get to bask in the same UVA/UVB rays as this man.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Mad About Plaid


The AC Milan player was seen wandering his pouty way through a shopping excursion in Milan with wife, Helena Seger, on Saturday. We can’t really blame him – those window display “looks” were outrageously appalling.

Photo Call: Wesley Sneijder Front Row At Versace

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Image taken 25.2.2012.

Midweek Results: Unusual Sightings


A great goalkeeper who’s also useful in a crisis. Oh Joey, as if we didn’t love you enough already.

This post contains some scenes you may find disturbing.

A lot of them involve hair.