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Welcome To The Guest List: Sara Pastasauce and Christine Bleakley


Real Madrid WAG

Images via Hola! magazine, Getty Images Europe, GQ Sport magazine

Some sloppy WAGabee soiled our red velvet ropes over the weekend, allowing two ladies we’re not-so-thrilled about to bypass the “WAG Club” bouncers.

First, Iker Casillas and Sara “Pastasauce™” Carbonero played tonsil hockey in plain sight of the public, much to the disdain of our telly screens. Then, they were spotted hand.in.hand at the Alejandro Sanz concert.

While carbs are banned in our South Beach Diet-loving flats, and even though we formerly refused to accept her as one of our own, Pastasauce’s ability to withstand Iker’s dating ADD enabled her to swindle our clipboard gal into WAG Club main bar entrance.

Don’t worry, we’ve fired our internal failure. In the meantime, this no cover charge/no queues access bears no resemblance to an unrestricted Kickette WAG Club membership. Rather, Sara is on a probationary, VIP-exclusions basis, of course.


Weekend Results: Gold Stars For Barcelona and Inter


Is that Lionel Messi’s boyhood spirit leaving him just in time for a major tourney? Let’s hope not! Image via AP Photos

With two second half goals last night, (bringing his total in all competitions this season to 47),  Leo may well look happy. Barcelona last night confirmed their place at the top of La Liga with a thumping 4-0 victory over Vallodolid. Real Madrid were held 1-1 away at Malaga and finish in second.

Around the same time, in a city some distance away, Inter Milan came perilously close to confirming Jose Mourhino’s belief that he is the greatest human being ever created with a 1-0 away win at Siena.

Although second place Roma won 2-0 at Chievo, their victory wasn’t enough to prevent Inter taking the Serie A title for the fifth time in a row.

Earlier this month, Mourhino’s men beat Roma to win the Italian Cup and are therefore on course for the treble, facing Bayern Munich in the Champions League final on 22nd May in Madrid.

In case you were wondering, we’ve got photos.


Giuseppe Rossi: Are You Buying What He’s Selling?


Image Credit: Olugbenro Ogunsemore for ESPN The Magazine

Finally, the rest of the world is recognizing what we’ve known all along: the finest DNA is saved for footballers. And that featuring attractive footy stars on magazine covers is a successful publicity formula.

Today’s gene pool case-in-point? Villareal striker and Italian NT member, Giuseppe Rossi, who’s fronting ESPN The Magazine‘s May 17 issue. After a quick survey of our inner sanctuary, we report mixed findings about his abundance of back-of-the-hand hair. Once upon a time, a few of you even claimed that knuckle forests were your dealbreakers.

Of course, if we spotted ‘Beppe cruising around a piazza, we’d let him buy us a panini. But what about our nearest and dearest gal pals? If you suddenly found yourself jaywalking alongside Rossi’s gorgeous greens, would you:

A) Call him a traitor, toss him a bottle of Selsun Blue and tell him to go to town while he waits for his Italian NT World Cup call-up?

B) Happily engage in a discussion on where to source the best Orzata in town?

C) Act naturally as you sell him your body at a cut price, while simultaneously offering your shameless WAGabee soul as that day’s one-time-only free gift with purchase?

There are no wrong answers, only different consequences.

La Liga ‘Ballers: Alternative Sports Support


Images via Reuters/AP Photos/Bellazon

Happy Face: It’s always nice to see fellow athletes showing their support for one another.

Sad Face: It’s never nice to see how said professionals dress when they’re not in their own required sporting uniforms.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Raul Gonzalez and Rafael Nadal posed for a locker room photo today after the two Real Madrid footballers watched Rafa take on Dolgopolov Jr. in the Madrid Masters Tennis tournament. The thoughts that circulated through Ronaldo’s head as he spoke to himself in the mirror this morning; we do not have the time to even contemplate.

BTW, Nadal sure knows his way around European footy stars, doesn’t he? We wonder if he wouldn’t mind sharing his address book with us?


Weekend Results: Euro Edition, Now With (More) Abs


No, we’re not paranoid. Fate is indeed conspiring against our desire for long, lustrous and totally not plastic nails. Yes people, after the stresses and strains of the EPL title chase, we now have to sadly report that both the Spanish and Italian league titles will go to the wire, with the final decisive games taking place on Sunday 16th May. Our manicurist is furious.