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Cristiano and Karim: Real Madrid Boys In Blue


Surely we didn’t miss the men’s spring trend memo? We definitely dont’ recall this ‘look’ or colour scheme on the top of watch lists.

Cristiano Ronaldo (at the Champions League Trophy handover) and Karim Benzema (at Sergio Ramos’s 24th) both pounded the Spanish pavement in navy & white track jackets with similarly-coloured denim. Creating an outfit of clothes from the same colour families requires concentration. We sincerely hope this is more a case of grabbing whatever was clean vs trying to dress in all-in-one slim-for-the-hips colours.

What’s our point? As you may have suspected, we haven’t really got one. But we’ve started, so we’ll carry on.

Although understated streetwear is not a look we love,  it’s something we can live with. We’re normally fans of a good hoodie, but in this case, we prefer the classic sportsman fit that Cristiano chose. Plus, the elastic waist on his top layer accentuates his bulge. And that’s a look we always love.

Steven Gerrard & Iker Casillas: A Wrinkle Above the Rest


Real Madrid goalkeeper

While we’re not negating Steven’s lock on the forehead fold category, Iker is presenting a strong case as to why he should join the attractive ranks. Let’s dissect what these men have on offer:

Steven Gerrard at the opening of his restaurant, Warehouse, in Liverpool
Gerrard’s “who do you think you are” wrinkles make us want to forever refer to him as Mr. Big Stuff. One only receives the wrinkles ‘o scowl unless you have truly irked this man. Like when he lost the shoe battle to Alex and was forced to wear the above weapons in public, which is now documented on paparazzi film much to his aggravation.

Other examples include: Alex talking to him as he is consuming footy and beer; either of his daughters in future asking him to meet their boyfriends for the first time.

Note: see pics of the whole Liverpool crew at Warehouse here. See Steven and his hot biz partner here.


WTF Files: If Guti’s Piggies Could Talk…


Would they describe his lust for his new lady friend as sweet and sexy or a bit attention-starved?

The Tuesday Torso: Diego Forlan, Atlético Madrid


Image via Reuters

Kickette Catch-Up: The Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Barcelona Gerard Pique


- Gerard Pique’s May cover of Men’s Health Espana gave us hot flashes. He’s so damn fit, it’s not okay.

- HHOF member and former AC Milan man, Paolo Maldini, is said to be calm following news of the tax fraud allegations levied against he and his wife.

- The sudsy twosome Brits most want to see in their showers? Cheryl Cole and George Clooney. Makes sense, seeing that she’s filthy rich now.

Zinedine Zidane Alain Afflelou- Zinedine Zidane was seen filming the next phase of his Grand Optical campaign for Alain Affelou in Spain. Next up: playing in the Robbie Williams’ organized Soccer Aid charity match on June 6 in Manchester.

Psst: we also hear crowd-favourite Henrik Larsson will be in attendance.