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Gerard Pique: ‘Ballers and Books


When you begin your product shilling career as the prince of pastries, there’s only so much higher one can go. For Gerard Pique, though, his celebrity trajectory has surprisingly climbed from grocery store royalty to book author. All at the good-looking age of 23.


‘Viatge de anada i tornada” (In English: Round Trip) is actually not Pique’s “official” coming out autobiography (that was most likely ghost-written by someone else), though. In an interview with Spanish newspaper, Sport, Pique had this to say about what awaits readers:


Lazy Links & Randoms


Inter Milan Champions League

Photo via Getty Images Europe

- Who believes Jose was rudely awakened before he finished his nap?

- Speaking of grizzlies,The Spoiler is (quite admirably) campaigning to bring back the horrifying facial stuff. – now. Do we agree with this movement towards the hirsute or should it be washed down the plug hole like the scratchy old wisps that spawned it?

- Vital issues such as how to contain Leo Messi rage on, including his position in the ranks of world players evah and ownership (or not) of Kaka are all covered here & here. Funnily enough though, no one has suggested turning him into a piñata. Which might just work for us if Tootsie Rolls are involved.

- Jozy Altidore has quite a nice backstep. The U.S. NT member & Hull City star denied that he made comments slating England prior to the teams meeting in the group stages of the World Cup.

- Technology news now: Rafa’a new iPad is causing problems at Liverpool FC. We’re also on tenterhooks for the launch, but realistically the only thing the iPad will offer us is something extra to leave in a bar/club/train/dumpster.

- Meanwhile, more bad news for Liverpool fans.

- And Cescy.  Come round & see us, baby. We’ll take your mind off it…


Twitter Talk: Giuseppe Rossi Needs Hair Help


“ok…so i have a serious question…if u use different kinds of shampoo during the week, does it harm ur hair?? i gotta know this..im askin cuz when im older i wanna have hair….lol” Villareal star and Italian national team member (who currently has a full head of hair) Giuseppe Rossi via his Twitter account.

Don’t forget to follow your favourite champagne swillers on Twitter, too!

David Villa: Puzzling Pocket Contents


Valencia's David Villa in tight, tight jeans

We brought you the world-wide exclusive on the mysterious contents of Cristiano Ronaldo’s manbag and damn it, we won’t settle our pursuit for truth there.

Just what on earth is that in David Villa’s trousers?

iPhone? Deck of cards? Travel-sized soul patch trimmer? Portable bitchface days of the week calendar?

Weekend Observations: Waistlines and Big Wins


AC Milan Marco Borriello

Who ate so much this past extended weekend that they have chocolate oozing from their pores?

That’s a trick question, since we all know the answer. Especially the elasticated waistbands we’re bringing back for spring/summer 2010.

Not sure about you, Kickettes, but the holiday-weekend-that-was reminded us that too much family time makes us feel as crabby as Marco Borriello looks. Thank goodness for the edge-of-our-seats series of footy matches fighting for our love and attention in equal amounts as a certain great aunt with a moustache.

Since we were recklessly hungover on Monday, enjoy our abbreviated weekend results/observations/offerings today: