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Kickette Catch-Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


- Chelsea’s Michael Ballack headed to Zuma and Frank Lampard hit up ChinaWhite to celebrate their win this weekend. Yes. ChinaWhite. It still exists, Kickettes.

- As the good fellas at World of MUFC alerted us, Emma Neville gave birth to her second daughter, Sophie, last week. Congrats to Gary Neville and family.

- Seems as though Vanessa Perroncel has successfully built herself a (Wayne-funded?) bridge and gotten over it. She was spotted Saturday evening on a night out after her reported £1 mill in support claim was granted. She was also spotted by some Chelsea boys on a night out. How fun.


Weekend Results: Exciting And… Erotic


Spring has sprung ladies, and as we all know, in Springtime a young footballer’s thoughts turn to love. Or, in the case of Celtic’s Josh Thompson, something else entirely. We are not the only ones to think this goal celebration looks a bit, well, thorough, are we?

Anyway, Robbie seems pleased. The matter has been referred to the Kickette Short Tent Institute and we will revert in due course.


Bubbas & Ballers: David Villa And Family


Valencia’s David Villa and his family. Let us count the ways they are fantabulous:

- The Louis Vuitton luggage, natch.

- Zaida’s pink accessories and adoring glance up at her papa.

- David’s side eye at someone, somewhere who deserves it.

- Wifey Patricia’s blow out.

- The entire baby made of cuddles, lamb wool and puppy tails. She goes by the name of Olaya, and damn it, she’s gorgeous.

Thanks Gina!

Train Like Kaka: Stretchy Gear And Metallics Required


The geniuses at Men’s Health Espana are at it again; this time, however, Kaka is their object of exercise objection. FYI – he and his footballing abs do not grace the cover as our favourite magazine is known to do with sports stars. We can pardon this oversight as soon as we finish downloading his lunging lycra show for future cheering-up tactics.

In the March issue of the mag, we learn Kaka’s personal 10 ‘commandments’ which include always telling the truth. Well, he should really do as he says and return the shiny training toys to their rightful, Sergio Ramos-owner. It’s obviously the right thing to do.

Thierry Henry: Slow Dance Sex Stance


A good story to tell at parties: according to Thierry Henry and Bradley Orr, it takes two hands/10 fingers to tango with a goal post.

Show of hands for those who wouldn’t mind being that bit of post Henry’s feeling up?