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Juan Mata: Valencia Eagle Whisperer


The Pep Effect: A Quick Study Of Doppelgänger Hairlines


Urban legend has it that we all have a twin somewhere out there.

In Barcelona’s Pep Guardiola’s case, he’s part of a triplet trifecta. The quick breakdown of his three-way hairline status:

Pep the Younger and Full of Follicle (Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl);

Pep the Receding But Am I Bovverd? (Ruben Micael from FC Porto);

and Pep the Original and I Don’t Give a Damn. But I am kind of sleepy.

Through The Years: David Beckham Bromances


Some say David + Iker - Victoria = True Love. We say his return to Milan has reignited his interest in Marco Borriello much to the delight of our fangirl impulses.  Watching David and Marco flirt shamelessly through all of their matches gets our pulses racing the same way he and original love, Gary Neville, did in the late ’90s.

In honor of his return to Old Trafford tonight for the second leg of  the Milan v. Manchester United Champions League tie, we’re taking a trip down manlove memory lane. With each of his European teams, David’s had a hard time keeping his hands and heart to himself. Why don’t you join us in thinking fondly back to Beckham’s best bromantic moves?


Gone Public: Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero


Spanish newsstands are no longer safe. Tabloids in the country’s capital are caught in a big tizzy over the recent discovery of Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero’s impressive public kiss.

We’re not surprised about the passionate embrace, either, since he was once known to hug and cuddle David Beckham with the same (or more) tender love and care.


Fast Lane Fans: Thierry Henry and Andrea Rajacic


Thierry Henry and girlfriend, Andrea, were spotted last weekend watching pitlane test-runs ahead of the start of the Formula 1 season.

A relatively low-profile WAG and sometimes model, the pair have been dating for a little more than a year. Things we hold against her include: her public hot-tub sesh, her Christian Louboutin booties and her Cartier handbag. The non-superficial things, of course.

At the youngish age of 24, Andrea is of Bosnian/plastic surgeon descent. What most people don’t know is that Andrea was also once a New York social climber, even having her party attendance and attire chronicled by the likes of the NY Post.

Even though she’s cut her hair, we aren’t giving her the Lainey Gossip “jumpy claps”. We still prefer Claire. You?

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