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Exclusive: The Alonso Family At Park Retiro


Xabi  Alonso, his wife Nagore, her bump, and their son Jon were out for a stroll at Park Retiro in Madrid recently.

Stating the obvious: Xabi is so fit.

Stating the obvious part II: our readers rock. These exclusive pics were sent in by the lovely Kickette Bridget Patrick who happened to be nearby and had the wherewithal to document her discovery for us to enjoy.

Beware ‘ballers, Kickette soldier-girls are everywhere. And we’re armed with cameras, cell phones and base-layer burning devices.

Track Jacket Style-Off: Cristiano v. Kaka


Let’s keep this one simple as today’s pretty much a write-off, what with the day jobs and the pre-WC game drinking and what not:

Who wore the World-Cup-track-jacket-on-a-stool-with-a-smile better: Cristiano for Nike or Kaka for Adidas?