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Oh, Snap: Michael Essien’s Bothersome Bunions


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Image: Yahoo Sport UK.

Michael Essien played against Zaragoza with a problem on his foot: bunions. He’s said to have experienced ‘uncomfortable pain’ which will be a priority on his healthwatch list from now on.

Speaking of unsightly growths on one’s body, we can (and frequently do) criticise with the best of them. And, let’s be real here people: when it comes to footballers, their feet rank second in funky only to ballerinas. That’s a whole ‘lotta bruises, broken toenails and hammertime tootsies to come to terms with.

But wow. It’s a slow news day when bunions garner a story of their very own.

Tamara Gorro: Working The Argentina NT System


Launching a business on the famous backs of your hubby’s international colleagues sounds like taking the easy way out to us, Tamara Gorro aka Mrs Ezequiel Garay.

It also sounds like exactly what we’d do if we were in your Loubs.

Weekend Results: New Day, Same Complex


Image: Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images North America.

Usually we lean towards a ‘multitasking’ approach to the weekend matches; the tendency towards exhibition football by the bigger clubs allowing us to freely surf for handbags whilst keeping half an eye on the games.

Not to worry, though. We’ve compiled a short montage of this past’s key moments for our beloved Kickettes today.

And by key moments, we mean gratuitous shots of men focused on doing their jobs as professional athletes that we have turned into cheap, tawdry moments of objectification for our own amusement.


Alex & Nacho Fernández: Record Setting Siblings


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brother 1990 jose mourinhoThe Only One made some bold changes to Real Madrid’s roster against Alcoyano on Wednesday, most notably including two brothers in the line-up, Nacho and Alex Fernández. This was kind of a big deal because, per Marca, the last time dos hermanos played together in a competitive game for Los Blancos was 22 years ago.


WTF Files: Our Server


Having trouble accessing the site? That’s because our server left early to get a good spot at the pub before the Chelsea/Manchester United match and after Frankenstorm hit.

Apparently we’ve been getting excessive hits from certain IP addresses which melted down some doohickey or other and thus, Kickette is on a semi-martini break. We suspect the excessive hits are coming from those looking for hot photos of Iker Casillas, or possibly those seeking an update with regards to our Finest Five vacancy. Alas, we can only provide one of those things at the mo.

A fascinating question as brought to us by a lovely reader: Does the sexification of Iker Casillas from the eyebrows down in the photo above outweigh the severe and devastating levels of fugliness from his eyebrows up? Take your time, it truly is not an easy answer.