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Vacay: Mesut Özil & A Mystery Lady In Miami


We’re sure it’s nothing, but it’s still fun to speculate anyway!

Every once in a while the rumour mill churns out some juicy gossip that’s so mind-numbingly delicious you need to pause mid-paragraph, top off your apple martini and throw on some good jewellery in order to resume reading.  Because it’s just.that.good.

This is not one of those times.

We have no clue who the chickadee keeping pace with Özil is, but she’s walking way too close to his right hip dip for our liking.

That is all.

Transfer Window Watch: Out With The Old & In With The Hot


Here at Kickette we try not to report on crazy transfer rumours, mostly because there are just too many and we know you get that fill elsewhere on the internet. However, our ears always perk up – and our make-up is frequently touched up – once we learn someone has 100% signed with a new club. Especially if that someone is ridiculously good looking.

While there’s still time left in the summer transfer season, we wanted to present to you the top 5 side-switching footballers who have already caught our liquid-lined eyes.


Diego Forlan: Single & Ready To Mingle?


Copa America player on the prowl

Image Source: One of the best Tumblr pages we’ve seen in awhile. Check out the shot they got on Figo. Ahem.

Could it be the quickest post-break-up bounceback ever recorded in football dating history, Kickettes? Diego Forlan’s abs have barely been free for more than 10 minutes and they’re already back on the prowl (or so reports would like us to believe)?


Belated Birthday Wishes: Raúl González, Ruud van Nistelrooy & Possibly Many More


Bust out the cava and light up the sparklers – we’re letting the celebrations roll on with birthday bashes. While Raúl González and Ruud van Nistelrooy may not be spring chickens on football’s career span spectrum, these two still have sexiness oozing from their impeccably-kept bodies.

First, happy birthday butterfly kisses for one of our original Hot H.O.F ballers, Raúl, who turned 33-years-old on 27th of June. From sensual strolls around town with his gorgeous wife, Mamen to giving us a glimpse of his delectable hip-dips, Senor González proves that a little leather cleaner goes a long way.


Turning our attention to Mr van Nistelrooy, who – may we remind – is an expert in bootylicious stretches. He recently turned 35-years-old on the 1st of July, exactly one month to the day after he put pen to paper on a 1-year contract with Malaga. Let’s hope he continues to flaunt his torso around La Liga in the same way and quantity of instances as he did in the Bundesliga. Much love and lingering hugs to the man who loves his adorable bubbas and his bubba makin’ parts.


We’re 110% positive we missed a few older and wiser ‘ballers, and fully expect to be reminded of our shortcomings in the comments section.


Zinedine Zidane: Chiseled & In Charge


Clearly Zizu’s role as Real Madrid’s Sporting Director has only made him better looking. Rawr. Image: DTLux.