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The Tuesday Trembler: Gonzalo Higuain


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We have one thing to say: sad!lf@kj}as;dl#kg*jo^wei. Image: Dennis Doyle/Getty Images Europe.

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


We’re quick with news on this end if you can’t tell.

Anywho, if you only have five minutes of procrastination time pencilled in for the day, you’re in luck because we only have five can’t miss stories from the weekend. Make yourself a cuppa (or make someone make you a cuppa), expect lots of air quotes and join us after the jump!


Weekend Results: Surprising Surges


Yuto Nagatomo of Inter demonstrates that FIFA directives can easily be sidestepped with a little half time improv. Image: Claudio Villa/Getty Images Europe.

Ooh, nudity.

Make the most of it, Kickettes. Sculpted abs of this calibre are an endangered species at this stage of the season.


Shakira: The Voice & The Vexing Issue – UPDATED


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Images: @ShakiraTimor, @AnnaIvory. H/T to EC.

News broke this morning that Pique’s missus will be filling in for Christina Aguilera as a judge on US reality comp/show, The Voice, next season.

Earlier this month the singer appeared at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Milan wearing a modified muumuu (at left). Even more recently, Shakira sported even baggier clothes whilst out and about with her boyf in Barcelona (at right).

Moral of the story: we still don’t know if she’s up or the duff or not, which is killing us! UPDATE: Nevermind. She’s definitely pregnant. Best or worst kept secret?

No Boys Allowed: FC Barcelona Bans Male Flight Stewards


turkish airlines

We won’t be seeing Sanchez strip whilst flying anymore. Wait. Did we ever actually see that or was it just a dream?

On a day when the footballing world throws itself into a tizzy over Champs League ish, we would like to take this opportunity to break some news of our own: Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News reports that Barca has told Turkish Airlines it wants only female flight attendants in the cabin from now on.

Before you blow the sexism whistle, here ye here ye Kickettes. The reason for the XY chromo restriction is ‘cos Messi and his posse are kinda over male flight crews bothering them for their siggys and free swag whilst in flight – something we can totes relate to. Obvi.

According to the newspaper, the airline has heeded the request by guaranteeing all-women cabin crews for future Barca flights. It says “a handpicked crew, made up of 20 female flight attendants,” has been chosen. No one from the Kickette crew was handpicked, it’s worth noting incredulously.