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El Clasico: Human Tetris Edition


Not that we think you need one, but here’s a reminder of how last night’s El Clasico played out. Reactions from the Kickette Peanut Gallery? Image: LLUIS GENE/AFP/GettyImages.

Decisions, Decisions: Puppets Or Plush Toys?


Kickettes, would you rather…

A) Play puppet to Andres Iniesta’s CTR360 Maestri III mastery for a day, or

B) Sleep soundly with your soft and cuddly Thomas Müller doll forever?

We each currently own two life size David Beckham cardboard cut-outs (one for the office and one for our flats), so naturally our vote is in favour of the beauty sleep accessory. It won’t quell our insomnia quite like a Celine Luggage handbag, mind you. But it’s promise is fairly decent nonetheless.

Dani Alves & Bar Refaeli: New Couple Rumour Report


The message boards and gossip watchers are buzzing after Lecturas first published [Ed. Note: hellow - always the rumour starters] “news” of a new couple: Barcelona defender, Dani Alves, and supermodel, Bar Rafaeli. After they allegedly met at a party he bombarded her with texts until she agreed to go out with him. Or, possibly he just showed her his abs and she immediately acquiesced.

You might recall that Alves and his wife split up about a year ago, which would’ve cleared the way for he and Bar’s supposed friendship to blossom into a fully blown going-steady-for-four-months-now relationship. That is, of course, if Lecturas’ claims had actually been true and not just some hogwash like Alves insisted on Twitter this afternoon. And…scene.

On a seperate note, how great is the word, “allegedly”? It’s like a magic eraser phrase that says, “don’t sue” so nicely.

Lazy Links & Randoms


Spare a thought for this Manchester City photographer, who was (jokingly) accosted by Mario Balotelli in the tunnel whilst on her knees.

That reads a helluva dirtier than we intended it to.


Transfer Totty: Short & Sweeties


Update: Espanyol completed the signing of Portuguese winger Simao Sabrosa from Turkish giants Besiktas yesterday; Daniele De Rossi confirmed this morning that he won’t fly the AS Roma coop for Man City, causing our eyes to well up in sentimental glee; and Luka Modric is/was isn’t reportedly in Madrid to finalize his move from Tottenham to the reining La Liga champions side.

In football fan terms: this is exciting, sensational stuff.

In Kickette terms: Simao and DDR are (still) hot while Modric is (still) not good-looking. Whatsoever. Real talk, Kickettes.