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Bojan Krkic: Barca’s Baby Gets A New Shirt


Bojan’s lady-pulling measures have become increasingly desperate since Barca’s financial woes began to bite. Oh, fine. Perhaps we ‘may’ have doctored this image. We couldn’t resist. We love baby B. Original image: Getty Images Europe via Zimbio

Name This Couple: Iker Casillas & Sara Carbonero


Image: RevistaCuore.com.

There’s two things this couple needs: a Hollywood-worthy name mash-up and a room. Since Sara has only managed to band-aid one of these problems by wearing a tourist-essential USA sweatshirt to keep her warm during the day rather than appropriately checking into the nearest W Hotel, we’re fast tracking these Spanish lovebirds to football royalty status so Iker has a roof over his head and ample lighting for shaving (the head and that beard, we hope).

Our choices are below. Think you have a better recommendation we should take into consideration?

1. Pastasillas. Easy.

2. Perhaps you prefer what our friends at Poprosa are already calling them – Carbonillas?

3. Or, “Weepingwithdespairbutwe’llgetoveritbecausetheyareinloveandit’sthegrownupthingtodo”. King of has a ring to it, no?

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Footballers & Fans: When Worlds Collide


Images: REUTERS, Marca.com.

While we know that footballers love their fans, we’re aware that they prefer to do the old ‘meet n’greet’ thang in carefully controlled circumstances. There are, after all, loony people wandering the streets, just waiting for an opportunity to athletically leap across the table and commit unspeakable acts involving massage oil and cake. But more on them later.


Real Madrid: Kickette’s Suggested Management Rules


Mourinho: ‘He got what? Cornrows? For f**k’s sake…’ Image: AP Photos via Daylife

The man whose ego requires its own postcode signing on as manager of football’s very own glossy posse? We expected that this union would prove newsworthy, but so soon?

Word on the street is that Jose Mourinho has begun stamping his mark on new club Real Madrid, commencing with beds (woo hah!) being fitted in the training complex.

Unsurprisingly, we feel that Jose is going down the right path with this one, and in deference to this spectacular meeting of minds we have noted a few possible improvements of our own. We will be submitting them to The Special One in due course.

Kickette Suggested Club & Training Rules For Real Madrid

1. All training sessions should be open to ladies. At the end of each session, said ladies should be released onto the pitch and encouraged to chase down a player they have booked for… privileges prior to the session commencing. Oil and/or snares may be used.


Night Out: Miguel Torres At Juan Peno Concert, Madrid


We find if we don’t get to see Getafe’s Miguel Torres on a regular basis, our lives drastically decline until we are reduced to eating cereal for dinner and losing precious hours writing purple prose about love and pillow lips during a time of great global unrest. Don’t judge. Image via Bellazon/Prisma.