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Paris St Germain: No Drama, Just Semi-Nude Dudes


No, you can’t have your shirt. Kickette rules of publication clearly state that ‘materials of wilful obfuscation’ are not permitted. Now get your shorts off. Images via psg.fr.

Normally we’d spend several hours speculating what the eff is going on in these images we found on Paris St German’s website. But seriously? We know you don’t actually care about our purple prose when there is hot manflesh on display, so we’ll just let you speculate for yourselves while we nip off for a croissant or five.


Weekend Results: Inconsistency & Impact Injuries


Thanks (in part) to the delectable Roque Santa Cruz, Real Betis are top of the La Liga table. Beauty is a powerful thing, Kickettes. Image: CRISTINA QUICLER/AFP/Getty Images.

It’s that time of the season where nothing makes any sense and teams we rarely bother about report on are topping tables. Fortunately, we’re way too sharp on a Monday morning to allow such trifles to confuse us.

Or so we’d like to think.


Weekend Results: Bringing Sexy Back


Nothing like a nice strong, muscular back to focus the mind on a Monday morning, is there, Kickettes? Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

Stunning strikes, howling misses, gargantuan victories and inexplicable defeats litter the results this week. But you don’t care about that. You care about the nekkid and the short-tents.

We have those too.


Lost & Found: Yoann Gourcuff


Image Credit: Olweb.Fr.

Our dearest Yoann became a little too lowkey for our liking right around the start of this year’s season, leaving us nothing to work with. At least editorially speaking, that is.

And actually, as we think back, Yo’s presence (or lack there of) was notably absent during the entire ‘ballers on breaks off season. We and his colleagues find this morally confusing and against all logic or common sense.

But whatever, we’re just glad to have our Lashes back and intact.  He looks very much alive, well and in the skipping zone, doesn’t he Kickettes?

The Sizzle Query: Javier Pastore, Paris Saint Germain


Neatly trimmed beard and cheeky quiff? Deeply disturbing, apparently. Image: REUTERS/Jean-Philippe Arles/Daylife.

This might not seem like a particularly big deal, but Javier Pastore’s habit of veering between visually appealing hair arrangements and sartorially challenging amateur topiary is upsetting some of of our staffers.

This latest offering (above) has had one of them quivering under her desk for almost a day now. She won’t even come out for Jelly Tots, which is very peculiar.

Help us, Kickettes. Is she justified in her fear and loathing of over groomed facial fuzz? Or should we just fill the office with posters of George Michael and hope she gets over it?