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Easter Weekend Results: Damp & Dishevelled


Thank heavens for that. Can we talk about something else now? Image: Getty Images/Zimbio

Chocolate eggs. Time off work. Copious amounts of alcohol.

This, Kickettes, is a perfect storm for us. Which is why you find yourself reading the Weekend Results post on a Tuesday morning, and not in it’s more ‘traditional’ slot of say, after the weekend.

We are not well.


Weekend Results: Torsos & Tippy Toes


Leo and Daveeed take the opportunity to create the most frightening footballer in the history of the game. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

We’re glad to see that some people in high places have been reading our work. We can be certain of this as our recent complaints about the  proliferation of complex fixture schedules in England over the last few weeks has resulted in the maddest list of games yet.

We won’t go away, y’know. We might tear our hair out and hurl espresso at unsuspecting passers-by to vent our frustration but we’ll write them up. Bring it on!


Weekend Results: Hot Men Hugging


This picture is so full of win, we almost can’t stand it. Saddos? Pay attention. REAL men feel pain and give hugs. ’Kay? Image: Getty Images/Daylife

Morning team! With a  magnificent week of football ahead, it is vital that you are fully conversant with the events in the major European leagues over the weekend. Several alternative sites would be happy, nay thrilled, to supply you with this information.

If you require a little more from your Weekend Results, such as  incidents of manlove, facial hair related intrigue and the gratuitous exposure of abdominal muscles, you need not trouble your mouse hovering index finger any more. Scroll down at your leisure and immerse yourself in the only site that embraces the true meaning of ‘the beautiful game’.

You are with friends now.


Weekend Results: Myopic Merriment


Emmanual Adebayor succinctly shows how, often times, football’s loss can be Kickette’s gain. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

This weekend’s return to league action was abtastic, as you’ll soon find in our photo-heavy recap. It may be a good idea to wear your Chanel facemask while reading.

Before we start, though, allow us to pick your brains a bit. Are there any leagues chock full of torsos, wet men or bitcherfacers that we fail to regularly cover? Sound off, guys and dolls, because this is your chance to spread the cheery spirit and cheeky delight that “other” domestic leagues have on offer. Plus, we may get a sudden surge of motivation next week and feature one reader’s recommendation.

It’s not a guarantee – more like wishful thinking – but hey, it could happen.


Weekend Results: A Bum & A Big Bird


Stuey Holden. Kickette Secret Agent. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

Today’s Weekend Results post contains a photograph that may cause paralysis/hysteria/unpleasant explosions among a certain demographic of Kickette soldier girls and boys. Many will remain impervious to the effects but the ramifications of exposure to the few could have a lasting affect over the whole community. We recommend precautionary measures should be taken by all.

Thank you.