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The Midweek Mmm: Carlos Bocanegra


Captain America, you are one sexy green giant. Image: AP Photo/Remy de la Mauviniere

Weekend Results: Upsets & Armpits


Parma’s Hernan Crespo demonstrates that ‘oldah’ does not necessarily mean ‘ovah’. Parma lost 2-0 to Fiorentina this weekend. (Getty Images/Zimbio)

While we in no way have an inflated sense of our own self-importance, we really are beginning to suspect that we at Kickette have an influence on cosmic events. Our basis for this theory?

Er… we wrote a post about how much vicarious pleasure we get from footie upsets, and we are supplied with a weekend of them. You buying that? Yep, we know it’s tenuous but we’re hungover, knackered and desperate for good news.

But we’d be derelict in our duty to you if we didn’t attempt to exploit this potentially advantageous cosmic event. So while you read our rockin’ results round up, we’ll spend the next three hours writing poetic tracts about footballers arriving at the Kickette office in various states of undress.

We’ll let you know what happens.


The Monday Mmm: Jérémy Pied, Lyon


Ligue 1 hottie

Images: EQ, Reuters.

FYI ladies and gents, it should come as no surprise we often get e-mails that read: “Ya knowz…there are other hot players out there than [insert repetitive Kickette hottie name here]“.

To that, we usually offer a shoulder shrug or an eye roll and go back to knitting our Gourcuff embroidered sweater dresses. Just in case you were wondering.

Usually, though, these emails are quite helpful; they end with something like this: “…you should really check out the following [insert nationality and/or player here].”

Well, eloquent writers of requests and frustrate-mail, your time has time. We’ve finally cleared our inboxes, and are pleased to present Lyon’s Jérémy Pied. Little is known about this boy, with Wiki only giving a one-sentence overview of his life and career, so we haven’t got much more for you.

Perhaps our Ligue 1 ladies can chime in and provide more side profile studly-ness as compensation? ‘Cos he fine, yo.

In The Stands: Lyon At The Davis Cup


We see you, Yoann. We see you and we like you. Stop pouting about it and deal.

Weekend Results: Good For You?


This was insufficient to inspire Roma to a win. Hard to believe, really, isn’t it? Image: Getty Images/Daylife

Painful injuries, hysterical, uncontrolled celebrations, a dash of emergency thigh massage and some cheeky tongue waggling. A typical night out with the Kickette crew, perhaps ? Well, that’s for us to know and our lawyers to worry about.

Meanwhile, why don’t you join us for our regular Monday roundup of all the exciting European results? Ahem.