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Francis Gillot: Denim On The Training Grounds


Jeans: an item of clothing both ubiquitous and always in fashion. Yet, they truly have proved to be a tricky look to pull off for certain sections of the community. It’s not even a given that because you are a universally recognised hottie, you can ‘do’ denim. Although, to be fair, some are just born with a knack.

It stands to reason then, that jeans should be approached with caution and not just thrown on for say, training. FC Sochaux coach Francis Gillot (above)  has done just that and we’re just not sure, Kickettes. Is he rockin’ the deep blue in a (silver) foxy stylee or should he be sent back to the Jose Mourinho School of Hot (Daddy) for a much needed refresher course?

Your thoughts?

Go-To Classics: Yoann Gourcuff In The Sea


Sometimes, a gal just needs a go-to photo to bring her out of the mid-day slump. Here’s a classic oldie but so very goodie of Yoann Gourcuff beckoning to us with his siren song of eyelashes and accents. He’s totally worth messing up your blow-out for, no? Image via PurePeople.com

The Monday… Hmm: Yoann Gourcuff


Image: EQ.com.

Normally this Frenchman is a shoe-in for each and every weekly fit we offer. Normally, we capture this pretty boy’s lashes from the front and not the side.

Yet on the first Monday of summer’s last month, we’re wishing that Yoann could have provide us with something more today. After extensive study of his side profile, we’re concerned he may need to invest in a deep eye wrinkle cream (we would be happy to offer massage and dab techniques) and think our boy needs a hair cut or a dollop of gel or… something.  Are we the only ones having a “hmmm” moment?

The Sizzle Query: Cute Poppets Edition


Havard Nordtveit (left) & Vujadin Savić. Images: Getty Images via Daylife, arsenal.com & girondins.com

Once again, it’s time to advise you of the latest developments in the cute poppet market and canvass your opinion regarding suitability for future inclusion on these hallowed pages.

It’s a duuurty job, but we know you’re up for the judgement of innocent mancandy.


The Tuesday Torso: Yoann Gourcuff


It’s inconsiderate of us to run photos like these without a warning, isn’t it? Image via premier.fr. Thanks EB!