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Good Week/Bad Week: Kisses & Misses


Images: REUTERS/Eloy Alonso, Matt Cardy/Getty Images.

And finally, three hours after the rest of the competitors have dragged themselves over the week’s finishing line, Kickette staffers wheeze their way into the final straight.

Only a few more steps to go. Cheers us on, would you?


Kickette End Of 2011/12 Season Survey: Have Your Say


Image: AP Photo/Polfoto/Lars Poulsen.

It’s that awkward time of year when recently awarded trophies are settling into their new oak cabinetry homes, international teams are already looking ahead to the next big thing and every journo, agent, manager and momma is arguing over who will stay put and who will flee for pastures greener next season.

Because summers which have a major tournament or two on deck inevitably drag things to the point of exhaustion, we tend to lay low on the transfer talk until it blows over.


Montpellier HSC: Late Night Out For New Ligue 1 Champs


Some of Montpellier’s first team men hit the tiles at French discotheque Le Milk around 2.30am Monday morning to toast their newly-acquired Ligue 1 trophy – the club’s first ever.

Pipping Paris Saint-Germain in the final round of Ligue 1 to give us our second aneurysm of 2012, the biggest scandal to come out of the squad’s extremely late night celebrations was Younes Belhanda’s striped Gucci scarf from last season. It was the second time in as many weekends that Belhanda wore it. Has he no disposable income and two-seasons-ahead taste in tacky gear that’s standard for a top of the table ‘baller?


Olivier Giroud: Burn, Baby, Burn


Image: golem13.fr. H/T to readers Oumayma E & Frédéric B!

Picking up the shirtless, nearly nekkid torch from our other favourite Frenchman, Yoann Gourcuff, Montpellier’s Olivier Giroud decided that the best way bring an end to a fine season of footy was by allowing his abdominals to bask in Tetu Magazine’s spring photoshoot breeze. A breeze that will come in handy when he puts out that fictitious fire our hormones started.

Then again, now that we’ve had the chance to playfully cradle and coo at the rest of this Finest Fiver’s photos (appearing in next month’s issue of of the gay mag) during our mandatory nap time, we vote ourselves “Most Likely To Cheerfully Burn In Hell For All Eternity Just To Have 10 Minutes Alone With This Man.”

God bless you, Olivier. Let’s hope this wonderful trend of whatever the hell is happening in these shots continues throughout this summer. And indeed, until the end of time.


Ligue 1 Awards: An Alternative View


Montpellier’s Younes Belhanda picks up the award for ‘Most Effective Use Of An Accessory to Increase One’s Hot Quotient’. Image: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/GettyImages.

It was meant to be a celebration of all that’s great about French football, but having browsed the the stills from last night’s Ligue 1 Awards, we doubt we’d have fact checked too heavily if they’d been labelled ‘Ligue 1 Metrosexual of the Year’ Awards.

Hmm. There’s a thought.