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Bayern Munich: No Risk, No Reward?


Image taken 2nd April, 2011.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so we hear they say.

More often than not, as you can probably attest, we prefer taking the easier way out. We do wonder, though, if in a year from now, we’ll find ourselves agonising over all the times this site fell short of your skin expectations. ‘Don’t carpe diem on the carpet’ is our HQ’s mantra, used to weigh up which gossip, news and pectoral muscles merit your time and attention. People, places or things such as Franck Ribéry’s mere existence normally provides ample reason to skip the story sharing, but to hell with him today.

It’s obvious Ribéry isn’t high on our list of footballers who are worthy of appearing alongside well-oiled men like Mario Gomez and Luiz Gustavo. Just this once, however, are we willing to throw off the fugly bowlines in a 4-for-2 tents and torsos special.

Your vision may be blurred due to our irrational choices, but with the body part odds heavily in our favour, we couldn’t resist the temptation. Now that you’ve had the pleasure of observing Gomez and Gustavo’s lower halves have a good time with one another, would you agree or argue our point that Ribéry’s photobombing tendencies was worth the risk?

Champions League Results, Part I: When Harry Met Jose & Other Stories


Ooh, sex-face! Image: Getty Images/Daylife

As all good Kickette Soldier Girls and Boys know, inconsistency is the key to our success. Yes, having just re-organised the Midweek Results to maximise your information gathering potential, we are now (albeit temporarily) moving the goalposts again. While the Champions League fixtures are offering such wild excitement and intrigue, we will be running the results post over two days.

Tomorrow, you can expect an in-depth examination of Manchester United vs. Chelsea and Barcelona vs. Shakhtar Donetsk. Today, we are pleased to offer full(ish) analysis of Real Madrid vs. Spurs and Inter Milan vs. Schalke 04.

We know. Even we’re surprised at the level of efficiency stalking our corridors. It must be the new espresso.


Weekend Results: Myopic Merriment


Emmanual Adebayor succinctly shows how, often times, football’s loss can be Kickette’s gain. Image: Getty Images/Daylife.

This weekend’s return to league action was abtastic, as you’ll soon find in our photo-heavy recap. It may be a good idea to wear your Chanel facemask while reading.

Before we start, though, allow us to pick your brains a bit. Are there any leagues chock full of torsos, wet men or bitcherfacers that we fail to regularly cover? Sound off, guys and dolls, because this is your chance to spread the cheery spirit and cheeky delight that “other” domestic leagues have on offer. Plus, we may get a sudden surge of motivation next week and feature one reader’s recommendation.

It’s not a guarantee – more like wishful thinking – but hey, it could happen.


Midweek Results: Confusion Abounds


Asamoah Gyan & Derek Boeteng of Ghana share a tender moment during a friendly (ish) 1-1 draw with England at Wembley. Image: Reuters/Daylife

If our confusion over which games were friendlies and which meaningful at the weekend was bad, imagine our horror when confronted with last night’s maddening fixture schedule.

Fortunately, most of the Kickette staff were able to make it into the top secret work avoidance bunker (the toilets) before our dear editor could assign the round up, so we are relieved pleased to be able to bring the you highlights via a special photo post.

We trust that the time honoured technique of including a photo of Yoann Gourcuff in said post will distract you sufficiently to allow us to get away with it.


The Monday Mmm: International Intrigue


Image: ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP/Getty Images/Daylife.

In a bid to please the pretty-player hungry, we shall now round up some of the other results from this weekend’s internationals. Our selection process is based entirely on interesting and or/hot photos we wanted to post, so if we missed your team out and offended your sporting sensibilities, please address your complaint letter thusly: ‘Kickette, The Dept Who Cares, Missing In Action Since 2006, The Universe.’  Thank you.

To start, enjoy an outbreak of outrageous Dutch cute from Ibrahim Afellay (who’s team beat Hungary 4-0).