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Bottoms Up: Vincent Kompany, Manchester City


Yesterday’s Premier League match between Manchester City and Birmingham City was full of head hurties and bum bruises, resulting in a 2-all tie and Vincent Kompany sending us subliminal messages. Image: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images Europe.

Midweek Manpile: Norwich City Needs Work


Images: Telegraph.co.uk; Catherine Ivill/AMA/Corbis.

It’s not often a Championship side puts on a good smush show.

Midweek manpile KicketteWait…we take that back.

It’s not often that we actually catch a good glimpse of a Championship side putting on a good smush show.

And why’s that? For one thing, their ‘piling’ leaves much to be desired. The above scene is more of the “limbs-slowly-collapsing” variety.

Now, if you want to know what gets our blood levels pumping, have a looksee at Arsenal FC’s nitty gritty gang-ups. Their collective happiness for a teammate’s goal scoring success, as evidenced through bone-crushing brotherly love, provides an excellent case study for proper body flailing.

Norwich City: should you wish to enhance your vertical stacking skills, have your people call our people.

Weekend Results: Pointy Fingers & Pretences


Another volunteer for the Kickette nudey calender? Step this way please, Mr Eto’0. And please remove your shorts. Getty Images/Zimbio)

In the spirit of inconsistency that we like to think has become our byword of late, we chose to ignore the Coupe de France results last week in favour of an early lunch and cocktails. This week, we are  going to provide you with a rundown of the English FA Cup results in place of the EPL, risking a late lunch and moodiness throughout the rest of the day.

All complaints at our cavalier attitude toward European domestic cup competition should be addressed thusly: Person In Charge, Dept of Whothehellcares, Kickette Office, The Pub, Chiswick.

Thanks for your interest!


Weekend Results: Hat Tricks & Hot Thighs


What an eventful couple of days, Kickettes! Whether you were out shopping, recovering from your weekend festivities in a ditch or even watching the football, there are plenty of exciting stories you need to be acquainted with before embarking on your day. If you can bring yourself to scroll down from the above image, that is. 


Kickette Fail Files: Bradley Johnson, Leeds Utd


We think that’s known as ‘taking one for the team’. (Getty Images/Daylife)

So much Cup excitement across the European continent, so little willingness from the Kickette staff to write up a proper ‘Results Post’. Hmm.

But fear not Kickettes, we’re actually doing this for your own good. You see, if we do proper results posts for everything, then you’ll come to expect it, and the disappointment you will feel when you log on to our site and find nothing but captioned photos and naked ballers will be crippling. Therefore, our laziness is a public service. Brilliant!

Please celebrate with us by enjoying this Cup themed Fail File.