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Kickette Fail Files: Carling Cup Fashion


Emmanuel Eboue strikes fear into the heart of a pitch invader. By wearing tights. (Reuters/Daylife)

We’re going for a double header today, team.

 As you may know, last night’s Carling Cup fixtures (Arsenal vs Wigan Athletic & West Ham vs Manchester United) took place in the English capital, which is currently experiencing conditions more usually confined to the Arctic circle. This prompted one or two fashion decisions worthy of our attention. Sir Alex Ferguson and Emmanual Eboue, please gather in the Kickette broom cupboard for your hearing. And try not to be too sartorially offensive – our fashion department can be tetchy.


Weekend Results: Dropped Points & Pants (Nearly)


Defeat hurts in all sorts of unexpected places for Sergio Aguero. (AP Photo/Daylife)

With Scotland attempting to nick every European official with two legs to cover for their striking referees, three centimeters of snow bringing the United Kingdom to a standstill and El Clasico being bumped to tonight because of the Catalan elections it’s a wonder we have got any results to bring you this Monday morning.

Luckily we are extremely resilient here at Kickette. As our post World Cup summer posts demonstrated, even if there is no football activity at all we are more than capable of keeping this site up and running, applying our witty and incisive prose to almost any subject.

Or, to put it another way, we can write rubbish about anything. Check us the hell out.


Champions League Results: Seeing Red


Jack Wilshire and Arsenal. GunneRED. Braga 2-0 Arsenal (AP Photo/Daylife)

The practical effect of Thanksgiving in the Kickette office is that anyone with any kind of tenuous connection to the United States skives off and the rest take advantage of their absence and sneak off to the pub. As long as that is clear, you will not be disappointed with the quantity and quality of posts over the next two days.


Weekend Results: Hammerings & Hangovers


Cesc Fabregas. Emirates Stadium. Saturday. Oof. (Getty Images/Daylife)

Having your backside handed to you on a plate is one thing. When the act is carried out by your bitterest rival, prevents you from sitting pretty atop the leaderboard and breaks a record of seventeen years standing, it’s another thing entirely.

But enough about the results of the Kickette Annual Pre-Thanksgiving/Champagne Drinking Contest. Please accompany us (and our hangovers) as we tour the highlights of the weekend results.

No shouting or merriment, please. We’re of a delicate disposition today.


Midweek Results: International Friendlies & Funsies


Tim Cahill’s despair is our deepest joy, sadly. (Getty Images/Daylife)

Midweek international friendlies. From what we can gather, these games serve no useful purpose from a sporting perspective but provide us with the opportunity to perv on players while they’re wearing different coloured jerseys. For this reason, and this reason alone, we at Kickette applaud the international friendly and will campaign for its continued presence in the footballing calendar. Please enjoy our highlights in the meantime.