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World Cup Awards: A Tournament In Review


Diego Perez, Uruguay

Alas, the 2010 edition of the World Cup (or, as we like to call it, “The Marriage of Much Man/Flesh in Motion”) is now securely fastened under our Hermes belts. The time has come to bid our final adieu with a few medals of our own.

Hottest Newcomer

Of all the World Cup Hottie Hunting posts we agonised over, Uruguay’s Diego Perez was the cream of the be-on-the-lookout-for crop. His rough and tumble look is this season’s new black – even when found in costume.


Spanish Shenanigans: Drunk, Disorderly and Barely Speaking English


YouTube Preview Image

Be still our (barely) beating and hungover hearts.

There’s nothing we like more than to see than hot footballers messing around when under the influence of alcohol. Especially when those “certain someone’s” are Pepe Reina on the phone with his mum. FYI, Pepe’s sexy stock is rising faster than Sergio Ramos can down that bottle of Budweiser. The fabulous Cesc Fabregas, however, is a light weight and should be mocked accordingly. And then cuddled.

Speaking of Sergio, our fave pony has let fly with the English, rendering us incoherent with squee. What is it about broken English that sets our hearts aflutter?


World Cup Results: We’re Down To Four


In his hour of desperation, Paraguay’s Nelson Valdez remembers the Kickette laydeez. Image: Getty Images via Zimbio

It’s time to face the truth, Kickettes. We’re running out of football. Only three games remain before that yawning chasm that is the off-season opens up before us. Frankly, we’re nervy.

Our only consolation? After all this is over is we will pick ourselves up, pack our lotion, sunnies and industrial-size drum of vodka, before heading off to stalk football players across the globe as they attempt to have a peaceful, private holiday with their families.

In the meantime, please enjoy our thoughts on the feast of footie that was the WC quarter final matches from Friday and Saturday. Wooh hah!


World Cup Results: And Now We’re Down To Eight


Images via AFP/Getty Images.

A big congrats is in order for all the teams who’ve managed to make it to the quarter finals (Germany, Holland, Paraguay, Spain, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Ghana.) While we’re as thrilled as Akon that an African team is still in the mix to contend with the big hitters like Germany and the Netherlands,  the real story here is the dominance of the South American (and Spanish) teams.

The South American continent is 4-for-5 in nations advancing (sadfaces for Chile). Essentially, the most important footballing competition in existence just got a whole lot more samba-licious.

Today, we present to you a rundown of how the WC elite 8 have gotten this far.


Silver Fox Salute: UNICEF Soccer Aid Match


Manchester United's Ryan Giggs

Image via ANDREW YATES/AFP/Getty Images.

Soccer AidCricketer Brian Lara, retired Swedish footballer Henrik Larsson, boxer Joe Calzaghe and Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs lined up together on Saturday as Rest of the World teammates to take part in the Robbie Williams-organized UNICEF Soccer Aid charity match at Old Trafford.

The footy festivities had all the fixins – including manbag arrivals, bromantic goal celebrations and an exciting penalty shoot-out. Aside from Luis Figo’s full head of lush, silky hair, we’re pleased to see the amount of men past their prime who are letting their hair age naturally.

Our SMOTM (sexiest Man of the Match)? It was a tough, three-way tie between Larsson, Giggs and Redknapp.