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Good Week/Bad Week: Lies, Allies & Neuer’s Statistics


Well, this is awkward. Image: REUTERS/Ina Fassbender.


Doin’ It Like A Dude: We’ve enjoyed watching Manuel Neuer respond with quiet dignity to his status as public enemy number one in Germany. You know, all the hating at Schalke because he left them followed up by the hating at Bayern Munich because he signed for them. So it gives us even more pleasure to tell you the cute ass keeper will rack up 1000 minutes of clean sheet-ery if Bayern don’t concede against Hoffenheim on Saturday. Mama was right, Kickettes. Revenge IS a dish best served cold. You know, like borscht.


Josip Mikulic: Seriously? You Have To Ask?


Dude, concentrate on the game! Not on those photos of special ladies you’ve got on your phone! Image: AP Photo/John Smierciak.

These two gentlemen are Sean Johnson and  Josip Mikulic from MLS side Chicago Fire. They were caught arguing on the pitch during the Fire’s 3-2 victory over New England Revolution last weekend.

‘Why would I care?’, you’re probably asking yourself between delicate sips of Cristal. Well, for starters, just look! In Josip Mikulic shorts! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It’s his… well, you know darn well what it is.

Just take a moment and savour this, friends. The world of football doesn’t bestow gifts like this very often.

Good Week/Bad Week: We Made It!


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via ontd_football

Strains, speeding and sweetness abound in our user friendly round-up of the week’s major talking points.

Congratulations on making it to Friday, everybody!


Robbie & Claudine Keane: Ready For Their Close Up


Robbie and Claudine Keane at the Emmy Awards

Look who we ‘found’ prancing down the Emmy Award red carpet Sunday night. And goodness gracious, Claudine’s sparkler of a wedding ring fits right in with the other Hollywood ladies’ bling. This impromptu photo obviously begs the question, what in the world were these two doing there?! Image via AEG’s twitter.

Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


You know, Miss Monday, we really wouldn’t object to you using one of your sick days in the near future. After all, that’s why we offer them to you.

But don’t even try rolling them over into 2012 because they’re non-transferrable. You either use them or lose them, so let’s make it count.


- In a new advert for Manchester United’s partnership with Turkish Airlines, Ryan Giggs is ironically chatting up the flight’s stewardess while Park Ji-Sung etch-a-sketches big beverage pimpin’ notes over his shoulder.

- She’s lonely in Los Angeles, hopeful to hear from Victoria Beckham soon or her mother has pulled a Joan Callaghan. Of these three options, can you correctly identify the two lies and one truth that were recently written about Claudine Keane? (Seen in her private box at the Home Depot Center 17.09.2011)

- Roger Levesque shilled for the Seattle Sounders’ season tickets office.