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MLS Observations: The Newbies Steal The Spotlight


Had enough of ‘keepers trying to distract penalty takers? Caleb Folan has, and he’s taking measures. Image: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images/Daylife.

We never complain about supplying a necessary ego stroke once in a blue moon around Kickette HQ – but today its your turn, passionate-MLS-readers-who-send-e-mails-daily-lobbying-for-the-American-soccer-league-to-get-some-regular-play-around-here!

So…yeah, we’ve devised this feature for today, which is always the first step in getting us commitment-phobes to accept some sense of accountability for our actions. For now, we pinky-promise to think about preparing this kind of coverage every Saturday, and we’ll even use our Statue of Liberty Lady-shaped champagne flutes at breakfast to remind us about keeping our word.

Until then, comments/criticisms and any other type of acceptable feedback should be submitted for us to mull over a bar of Green & Black’s dark chocolate.


Kickette Catch Up: Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Image via thefashionspot.

Rather than bore everyone about our hatred for Monday mornings, we’ve taken the more mature route by telling today to ‘suck it’.

Boy did that feel good!


- Carles Puyol’s girlfriend, Malena Costa, was busy teaching Barcelona the next ‘big’ thing in goal celebrations over the weekend. That, or presenting Zumba fitness in Madrid.

- Sheree Murphy kindly confirmed for us that yes, her husband Harry Kewell gives her pregnant feet ‘the best’ massages. . Although she’s been living in England for many years, we also learned that Sheree’s temporarily moving to Melbourne and will give birth to the couple’s fourth child in Australia. All the best to the Kewells!


Belated Birthday Wishes: Thierry Henry Turns 34


Thierry Henry in hoodie

Photo is vintage 2010, Formula 1 season. Hey, the man looks just as delicious now as he did then.

Monsieur Thierry Henry, one of the Kickette HHOF originals, happy (two days ago) 34th birthday!

Really, what isn’t there to say about the tall deliciousness man who is King Henry? He has proven that good looks know no boundaries, despite the occasional cardigan mishap. We’ve watched Henry’s career trajectory with the utmost of our limited attention spans as he moved from France to Italy to England to Spain, before finally settling within walking distance from one of our staffer’s favourite New York Fashion Week hot spots. Even more so, Titi’s given us cheap thrills and endless amounts of quality material for our dirty daydreams – two things that are the core of our existence.

Here’s to you, birthday boy! Now get over here so we can give you a good birthday spanking.

Transfer Totty: Robbie Keane Signs for LA Galaxy


Get excited, US-based Kickettes: Robbie Keane is bringing his Irish boners to your neck of the woods! Yes, the Spurs goal poacher has signed a £3.5 million five year deal with Los Angeles Galaxy, his ninth club in a pro career spanning fourteen years, and we can look forward to see him rubbing shoulders with the likes of Landon Donovan and David Beckham shortly.


David Beckham: What’s The Something You’d Do To Him?


DBecks was spotted on VH1′s DoSomething.org red carpet over the weekend. Image Credit: Getty Images.

Asking us to ‘do something’ to David Beckham feels like a trick question.

Probably because it is, but play along as you wish, people.