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B-Day: Omar Gonzalez Turns 22


We see carbs. Lots of sweet, sweet carbs. Images via twitter.com/omar4gonzalez

We are still crushing hard on L.A. Galaxy defender and all-around nummers Omar Gonzalez.

He celebrated his 22nd birthday yesterday; we have no choice but to recognize.

As he informed us all via Twitter, Omar celebrated by eating out with friends and going to the cinema. Cake was (obviously) involved, and in the grand tradition of Kickette birthday celebrations, we’re going to take a carb-fantasy break to allow the dark, dangerous recesses of our minds to imagine applying said cake across Omar’s shoulders and removing it with our tongues.

Don’t judge. Sugar comas need love too.

Felicidades, chulo!

Also, Mr. G. looks quite fine while silhouetted by a California sunset, no?

David Beckham: Short Tent Show Off


After yesterday’s ‘zoom’ related mayhem, we are pleased to supply you with a photo that requires no digital enhancement. Heavens above, Davey B!

Chris Pontius, D.C. United: A Vote For Versatility


Chris Pontius explains just exactly why you should vote for him. (Getty Images)

You may recall we recently notified you that we had been nominated for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award; a matter of days later we were stunned to learn we had won. That was down to you guys. The fact that we totally forgot to go to the awards ceremony is indicative of a level of disorganisation we’d rather not admit to in a public forum. We still won.

Suffice to say, we know you would like to voice your support for Mr Pontius, whose washboard stomach and talent with a paintbrush is unsurpassed. Please visit Cosmopolitan, peruse the array manflesh on parade and offer your support to the nominee you feel is most qualified to jump naked in knee socks.

Also please note: Those who wish to take their support to a level known in legal circles as ‘stalking’ will be pleased to learn that Chris Pontius will be attending the Cosmo Bachelor Party being held somewhere near midtown Manhattan on Tuesday night. If you snare him, do let us know!

Style Files: Rafa Marquez At New York Fashion Week


New York Red Bulls player Rafa Marquez was seated in the front row for Luca Luca’s show at NYFW on Tuesday. Looks like he’s adjusting just fine in the concrete jungle that dreams are made of. Image via Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images North America.

David Beckham: A Clarification On The Bedhead


Image: Getty Images via Daylife

We’d like to get one thing straight. The untrained among you might imagine that images like those above and here would put us off Mr David Beckham, his brand of uber hot being founded in the kind of perfectly groomed  metrosexual majesty ideal for shilling product and contributing to the languid daydreams of millions.

However. The more experienced perv will know that this kind of rampant bedhead is huge bonus for us, utilising it as we do to pad out some complex fantasy involving us dragging him behind the stands for a spot of snuggling before releasing him back to the bench to prepare for his first few minutes on the pitch since his heinous achilles injury in March.

Yep. We’re THAT good. As you were.