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Robin van Persie: Here’s Our Number, So Call Us, Maybe?


Image via Caught Offside.

If RvP just met whoever was on the other end of that on-pitch phone call following his team’s tournament opening loss to Denmark, then that really is crazy.

We like crazy.

WAGs At Euro 2012: Few & Far Between


European footy WAGs must not have the energy to even pretend to give a shite about their partners’ group stage games since only a handful of leading ladies from Spain, Italy and Germany managed to bring their well-dressed selves and kids to some of the early stuff.

Looking especially suspicious at your absence, English WAGs.

Iker’s main squeeze and rumoured fiancee, Sara Carbonero, was lucky enough to see all the Spain vs Italy action from the sidelines. She’s currently in one of the two host countries working hard for the Mediaset Sport sideline reportage wonga.

Does anyone else remember a time when wives and girlfriends were content with being a famous footballer’s wife – accepting their position in life solely through their hot husbands achievements? Those were the good old days, weren’t they Kickettes?

Euro 2012 In Pictures: Netherlands vs Denmark


Daniel Agger’s thigh strains strained themselves during yesterday’s Denmark 1-0 Netherlands game. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)

Group B – the “Group of Death” – lived up to its name yesterday, producing the first upset of the tournament as well as slaying our iPhone batteries quicker than we could say “choc pud”.

Relive all the Daniel Agger glory as we saw it while your vocal chords still have their health, Kickettes. Already the first week of June has brought its jumpy clap “A” game and you should too.

Their Lips Are Sealed & Tatted: Bouchra van Persie, Melanie Slade, Charlene Suric & Daniella Semaan


With our HQ in full “TWO DAYS TO GO OMIGOD WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!” Euro 2012 mode, it seems about right that some of the more notable footballer partners come out of the woodwork for a photoshoot or two.


Winonah de Jong: Life After Football


If you’re looking for respite from Euro 2012 and off season non-news fever, you’ve come to the wrong place. Seriously, stop reading now because we’re heavily into both. And not because we’re sluggish and dehydrated. Nope, not never.