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Photo Call: Coleen McLoughlin Talks to the Hand



… at the Spice Girls concert in Manchester.

Bad Bathers: Scott Parker & Jamie Redknapp


image: Splash news/KEYSTONE press

West Ham’s Scott Parker has been relaxing in the Caribbean with his family whilst recuperating from a knee injury. He’s also suffering from a terrible case of Bad Bathers, a serious disease that can dangerously strike simple and plain fabrics without warning. One can only assume the matching father/son trunks were a gift from a well-meaning yet intoxicated in-law or a random crazy employed by the hotel lobby swimsuit shop.

Jamie and Louise Redknapp are also getting their sun/swim/sea hook up and have been papped hanging out with the Parkers in typical no-news-because-we’re-normal style.

Question: can anyone explain why when Jamie Redknapp wears a pair of flower-print Bermuda shorts we have no severe nor damaging physical reactions (he is quite nummy as per usual), but Alan Shearer’s version leaves us hive-stricken? Click through to view, download, discuss, etc.


image:Splash news/KEYSTONE press

Photo Call: Steven Geriatric


Liverpool’s long awaited fancy dress Christmas party for 2007 took place last night (yes, in 2008), but it was well worth the re-scheduled wait. No idea what the deal was with the other holiday party they had – it’s said they held off because the Gerrard home was burgled, or perhaps it was just a lay-low after the Man U fiasco.

image courtesy of xposurephotos.com

Steven Gerrard went all out – and all liver spots – for his brilliant pensioners costume.  Love the effort and Lord knows we would kill for a photo of him in this getup embracing his wife Alex. 
Fernando Torres went as…. Fernando Torres.

More pics at the Daily Mail including Crouchie continuing his bird theme of 06 and Daniel Agger (hottie or nottie?) dressed as a punk rocker.

Photo Call: John Terry’s Shorts



Is there any possible explanation for this short/shirt-pulling, self induced front-wedgie action by Chelsea’s main man, John Terry? 

Did we miss a memo about the latest way to celebrate a goal?

Is this related to testosterone and other such manly things we do not have the authority to comment on?

Or, as the lovely Lyzette put it in an email to us: “Whatever he is trying to do in this picture, I don’t want to know, ever. It looks painful to him and is certainly painful to me.“

Amen to that.

Photo Call: Cristiano Ronaldo, Water, Etc.


image: jpi

Really, any words we write will only take away from time spent viewing the image.

Love Cristiano or hate him Kickettes, but if you say anything bad about the bod, we’ll put a Manolo in your not-nearly-as-toned behind.

cheers michaela!