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Nicklas Bendtner: Tape Ain’t Gonna Fix It, Honey


You’ve lost us again, Nicky B. Image: Matthew Lewis/Getty Images.

Sergio Ramos: Kicking Butt & Taking Names


Image via Twitter.

Cheesiest joke we could come up with to accompany this picture?

“He can hold us hostage anytime.”

Not terribly imaginative, but it gets straight to our point.

How about our Kickette Army soldier boys and girls take a stab at cheeky caption writing? Any eager volunteers?

If yes, just submit a good, bad, or so-bad-it’s-good one-liner to go with this photo in our comments section and we’ll be sure to shout-out a few of our favourites on Twitter later this week.

Happy writing!

Maxi Lopez: Birdbath Gone Bad


best worst style dress sense footballers Kevin Prince Boateng teammate

Image: Claudio Villa/Getty Images.

We’re not sure how feathers and fringe got so popular, but WAGs and footballers everywhere are suddenly looking like real-life Angry Birds.

We no likey.

Jamie Carragher: Straight To The Point


Nice one, Jamie, we couldn’t have articulated it better ourselves. Image: Reuters/Phil Noble.

Roy Carroll: Talk To The Hand


Europa league action

Roy Carroll is mobbed after saving a penalty for Olympiakos, Rubin Kazan v Olympiakos, Europa League, Moscow, Russia, 14 February 2012. Image: Getty Images.

Friday couldn’t have come soon enough for us this week, Kickettes. We need some serious work relief.

Olalla Dominguez Liste husband wife WAG height tall blond highlights hairUnfortunately some players like Olympiakos’ Carroll are acting a bit miffy since we reworked the F5 list. Seems “temporary change” isn’t in Roy’s vocabulary and we’re being given the hand.

Damn these rich and physically supreme men with their ethical standards.

You don’t see Fernando Torres complaining, and he’s yet to make it back on the list.  Look how devastated he is, poor lamb.