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Aaron Are You Okay? Will You Tell Us That You’re Ok?


manchester city arsenal

Original Image: Getty. Another masterclass in photoshop by @DirtyTackle and @KickTV‘s @ryanjaybailey.

People We’re Not Afraid To Envy: Tihana Nemcic


former croatia miss sport

Related: Another Person We’re Not Afraid To Envy. Image: Svet.rs. H/T @MehdiG6.

Former Croatia Miss Sport finalist and footballer from Zagreb, Tihana Nemcic, became the first woman to be appointed coach of a men’s club yesterday. Nice one, Miss Nemcic!

As for her trailblazing rise to the top vs her ability to juggle a football in wooden heels, what’s more impressive to you Kickettes? We can barely walk in wooden heels as it is so it shouldn’t be hard to guess where our five votes are going.

First Look: Stuart Holden The Shirtless Super Hero For Howler Magazine


bolton wanderers stuart holden no holden back USMNT soccer player hot footballer injured injury

Photograph by Andrew Hetherington.

Damn it must feel good to be Karalyn West.

ICYMI: Howler Magazine is a brand new footy mag containing roughly +100 pages of original writing, humour, op-eds plus beautiful illustrations and photography. Emphasis on beautiful photography.

Shameless plug: since the pub’s editor was gracious enough to give you, our lovely and loyal readers, a sneak peek at Stu’s feature from issue one (we’ve been promised “several” more of where the above came from as well), do us a favour and order your copy of Howler Magazine’s first issue now. It might be wise to add a yearly subscription to your Crimbo wish lists, too. Either way, you should buy Howler for the sole purpose of objectifying Stu Holden the Super Hero.

Trust us, Kickettes. We’d never steer you wrong in matters as important and life changing as this.

Camilo Sanvezzo: Eye Colour Exertion

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That yellow *was* a nice shade, but Vancouver’s Sanvezzo really felt the red would’ve gone better with his eyes. Image: MLSSoccer.com.

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John Terry: Deja You


How many more times this has to happen before he realises his conduct isn’t impressing fellow professionals? Image: Julian Finney/Getty Images Europe.