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Serie A Studs at Champions For Children


Perhaps it’s obvious that today was not a successful day for posting news here at Kickette Towers.

*Sound of a cricket riding a tumbleweed*

Never mind, we’ve got a lorryload of hot boys in suits doing good deeds at the First Annual gala of Champions for Children Foundation in Milan last night.

You’d think we’d provide some witty commentary to go along with the pics, wouldn’t you? Sadly, this isn’t going to happen. Not today, anyway.

Try to forgive. And if not, at least take out your anger and disappointment on Marco Borriello.

He looks like he’d be able to handle it. And then some.

Click through to see a lovely Friday selection of gents, including Ambrosini, Pato, Gigi Buffon and Mr. Seedorf and Co.

All images via Zimbio/Getty Images.


Thierry Henry: Slow Dance Sex Stance


A good story to tell at parties: according to Thierry Henry and Bradley Orr, it takes two hands/10 fingers to tango with a goal post.

Show of hands for those who wouldn’t mind being that bit of post Henry’s feeling up?

The Friday Fit: David Beckham, Russian GQMF


Pardon our little David Beckham lovefest that has been Kickette this week. What can we say, our visual stimulation wants what it wants.

In honor of David “Dick Tracy” gracing the cover of GQ Russia, let’s all raise our glasses to the smartest ( Ed note: and probably female) photo editor in the entire world. Prior to posting this, we were proud that it was Friday and we were still upright. Of course, things have drastically changed since then.

Juan Mata: Valencia Eagle Whisperer


Product Shill: French National Team for Danette


While away on international duty last week, Steve Mandanda raised his spoon high to Danette’s vanilla yogurt while pushing calcium with teammates Benoît Cheyrou, Florent Malouda and Patrice Evra.

Don’t you agree that this looks like a scene straight out of a primary school lunch room? Florent Malouda is the pleasantly plump bully who steals all the other children’s lunches; Cheyrou is the loner who always gets Marmite sandwiches much to his dismay; Evra the prankster itchin’ to get onto the playground already; and Mandanda is the boy whose hit puberty 5 years before his peers have.

Spotted over at Passe En Profondeur