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Fashion Friday: Cheryl Cole’s Three Words


Cheryl Cole, Three Words

We’ve got three questions for you:

1. Do you like Cheryl Cole as a blonde?

2. Is the new video for Three Words fashion/edgy/artsy cool or too try-hard?

3. What’s your level of Cheryl Cole media coverage saturation – are you at the limit or do you love everything and anything she does?

Fashion Friday: Gerard Pique’s Pose


Gerard. Put the nice lady down.

This shot for DiR Emotions could have been crazy sexy – it features Gerard Pique, after all. But couldn’t someone on the set have told synchro swimmer Gemma Mengual to put the other leg up instead? Would have been a much more flattering angle. Instead of sensuality and raw, hot, man sexiness, this looks like Pique is assisting in some sort of birthing ritual. They’re the “ultimate workout duo” according to the mag. See more at ONTD

Fashion Friday: Frank Lampard’s Denim Detail


Frank Lampard

Anyone else curious as to why Frank Lampard (seen leaving Cipriani in London) is wearing jeans with details that draw attention to his crotch? Perhaps he’s finally  had enough of John Terry stealing all the short-tent thunder. We welcome his entry into the competition.

Fashion Friday: Ireland’s… White Suits


Damien, Richard and Robbie

This photo of Damien Duff, Richard Dunne and Robbie Keane from last week’s ROI game against France is best viewed with sunglasses on. Because they’re hot and they’re mad pasty, mmkay? With your sunnies on, it’s easier to enjoy Mr. Dunne’s physique and ignore the fact that Robbie is about to hork a big ole ball of spit across the pitch.

Fashion Friday: Rio Ferdinand’s Suit


Rio Ferdinand

We’re usually all over Mr. Ferdinand’s excellent sartorial selections, and this one is no exception. It’s not easy to work a double-breasted suit without looking ancient, like you’re a 9-5 slave and/or dumpy. Gold star for you, Rio! Oh, he’s at the Hell’s Kitchen event for his Live The Dream Foundation, in case you were wondering.