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Harry Kewell: We’re Torn


Mr Kewell sat court side at The Manchester Evening News Arena during last night’s Great Britain v USA Mens basketball game.

The hair we hate, the smile we love.

For the first time ever, we’re not head over heels with the state of off-the-field Harry’s grooming and dress sense.

Is it us or is it him Kickettes?

Frozen Treat Fun: Isabella Celico Leite


Image: Carol’s instagram.

Seriously, what is the deal with Kaká and Caroline’s kids? We’d like to know what kind of blood pact/secret handshake the couple made with the fertility gods because their offspring are two of the cutest bubbas in the footy community.

The Friday Fit: Matt Jarvis, Wolverhampton Wanderers


This photo of MJ reminded us to stop procrastinating over the fortnight worth of dry cleaning we have to do. Image: Cosmopolitan Magazine UK Edition.

Speaking to Cosmo (in support of the Everyman campaign) about his and his fellow footballers’ habits and reputations, the Wolves and England midfielder had this to say:

“Footballers have a reputation for being vain but that’s because they have to be as confident as possible to go out and perform on match day.”

“Everyone takes care of themselves nowadays. There’s always people doing their hair, putting some moisturiser and all sorts! I have to say I’m quite into my products myself [laughs]…I now moisturise daily.”

See that look on Matt’s face – as if he and his box of WOW! can no longer keep their undying lust for us under wraps (and a secret from his wife)?

Well it’s that, or because, without knowing why, he’s dreaming of HobNobs.

‘Ballers On Breaks: Gerard Pique Gets His Hair Did


Shakira’s boyfriend ventured into a Barcelona hair salon today to shape up his coif. Style options were shave it, trim it or just invest in a decent dry shampoo.

Pique’s “before” or “after” shots weren’t available, which means it’s anybody’s guess as to how things turned out. We, for one, never took issue with his usual spiky and scruffy M.O., so if G did decide it was time for a change, it could impact his chances of qualifying for our upcoming Euro 2012 MVP contest.

MVP = Most Valuable Piece (of tournament-playing ass).

Pyjama Party: Gervinho & Per Mertesacker


The @SoccerBible guys were right – these are the best photos we’ve seen all day. Image: Arsenal FC.