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Roy Carroll: Talk To The Hand


Europa league action

Roy Carroll is mobbed after saving a penalty for Olympiakos, Rubin Kazan v Olympiakos, Europa League, Moscow, Russia, 14 February 2012. Image: Getty Images.

Friday couldn’t have come soon enough for us this week, Kickettes. We need some serious work relief.

Olalla Dominguez Liste husband wife WAG height tall blond highlights hairUnfortunately some players like Olympiakos’ Carroll are acting a bit miffy since we reworked the F5 list. Seems “temporary change” isn’t in Roy’s vocabulary and we’re being given the hand.

Damn these rich and physically supreme men with their ethical standards.

You don’t see Fernando Torres complaining, and he’s yet to make it back on the list.  Look how devastated he is, poor lamb.

Thiago Alcántara: Sizzling In Sportswear


Thiago Alcantara in DT Lux

While he still gives us the warm and fuzzies, we would have preferred going the Valdes route with Thiago’s photo shoot. Image via DT Lux.

Bayern Munich: Turning Towel Tricks

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We’re not quite sure whether Arjen Robben and Anatoliy Tymoshchuk were taking reasonable precautions against the inclement weather or building an impenetrable pink fort here, but they both seem to be enjoying themselves, so who are we to complain? Image: REUTERS/Michaela Rehle.

Two For The Price Of One: Hector Quinones & Jossymar Gomez, Junior de Barranquilla


Site News & Other Pains In Mike Hanke’s Arse

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Mike Hanke’s face palm in fetal position says it all about the slew of technological glitches we’ve been experiencing lately.

Click through to get an update on what’s happening in the ‘hood.