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Ibrahim Afellay: Should He Stay Or Should He Go Now?


26-year-old Afellay was seen arriving at the Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk, Netherlands, yesterday. Image: © TOUSSAINT KLUITERS.

Why the transfer window should be kicked in the shins until it goes away: the Ibrahim Afellay rumours.


The Friday Fit: Kevin de Bruyne, Werder Bremen


Is new Werder Bremen loan signing Kevin De Bruyne as corruptible as he looks? We would love the opportunity to find out.

Michael Morganella: Embarrassed & Excluded


We’d love to tell you that Michel Morganella of Switzerland has been sent home from the Olympics for infringing the Games’ rules on crap hair.

On the contrary, football isn’t always as much fun as we’d like it to be, and he was actually kicked out for making racist remarks about the South Korean NT, who beat the Swiss 2-1 last week.

What. An. Ass.

Image: PAUL ELLIS/AFP/GettyImages.

The Infidelity Files: Mario Balotelli


Really, how many times can we pull out the thesaurus to find a different way to say “love rat” and “man whore”?  We’ve reached synonym burnout when it comes to Mario Balotelli’s love of keeping a bevy of ladies on the down low.

Over the course of the past year or so, we’ve been privy to details concerning the Man City star’s dining style, affection for fancy dress parties (dressing for them, not going to them), 12 hour private tours and hooker habits.

The latest? Throughout the last 18 months or so, MB was cheating on Raffaella Fico with that chick from the Euros. You know the rest.

We, perhaps more than others, enjoy the potential daddy-to-be‘s playboy image – think it suits with all the flash and stuff. But yeesh, could you just keep your pants on and stay inside for a weekend? Maybe five?

And what of poor Lauren Thorne? She didn’t even get her 15 minutes in the sun before getting kicked to the kerb by several pairs of perspex platform shoes. Even Holly Henderson achieved more than that.

San Jose Earthquakes: Wigging Out


We take our eyes off the MLS for a week and this happens (aka Steven Lenhart Wig Night)? For goodness sake, it isn’t like we haven’t got enough to deal with already. Image: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images.