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Hope Solo: Not Shying Away


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In a recent interview with ESPN magazine, Hope Solo confessed to being drunk during a 2008 Today show interview, just after the USWNT had picked up the gold medal.

The American goalie’s ability to simultaneously defy the laws of sobriety and maintain her composure is an admirable character trait that we hope to possess ourselves someday. On the flip, Hope’s conflict with former USWNT player/current TV presenter, Brandi Chastain, is giving us a massive migraine.

Whose side are you on in this she said/she said war of (partially tweeted) words, Kickettes?

Éver Banega: Have You Considered Public Transport?


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Remember when Ever Banega forgot to put the handbrake on at the gas station and got run over by his own car?

Well, that memory faded into the smoky middle distance today when we watched this video showing Ever’s smart red Ferrari burning to a cinder while the player himself casually requests a bucket of water, then buggers off into the Valencia training facility.

There wasn’t much left of the car, but that’s unlikely to be a problem for Éver, who probably has another five in his luxury garage.

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet


Image: Splash News/East News.

While one or two of the more hardy Kickette staff bothered to hit the “Post” button during last week’s HQ holiday in America, the majority of us took the “happily buried beneath shopping bags, blissed out and blessedly unaware of the outside world” high road.

That was, until this morning.

If you too have found yourself back at your desk for the first time since discovering it actually was possible for you to drink your own weight in tequila, here’s a quick rundown of what (we think) happened while we were MIA.

Any mistakes, please forgive. We haven’t technically opened our eyes yet.


Survival Of The Hottest: Thorgan Hazard, Chelsea


Images via twitter, MEHDI TAAMALLAH/AFP/GettyImages.

So Eden’s baby bro (above right) has just signed for the European Champions as well. Nice pullin’ pants, Thorgy!

This is obviously great news for fans of our ‘Survival of the Hottest‘ posts, so lets get down to those important questions right away.


David Meyler: Paparazzi To The Passed Out Stars

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Image: Instagram.

Great news for those with a vested interest in stalking sleepy ‘ballers like Frazier Campbell: Martin O’Neill intends to keep David Meyler at Sunderland regardless of the interest the player has attracted from some Championship clubs.

Viva la pic snapping whilst snoring!