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Frank Lampard Loses His Mother to Pneumonia


We usually stay away from stories like this as it is our job to snark and stay frivolous, but we know there are so many Kickette readers who will want to leave their condolences.  Frank Lampard’s mother, Pat, has lost her battle against pneumonia and died in hospital this afternoon.

Our thoughts are with you, Lampsy.

Link via Chelsea’s official website: Tribute to Pat Lampard

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Photo Call: Vidic Needs a Tummy Rub



Link: Vidic A Serious Doubt After Stomach Complaint

Francesco Totti: Clothing is for the Weak



images via AFP Photo

Here’s yet another reason why we love us some ballers: they’re comfortable being naked around other people.

Not sure about our readers out there, but if we were being introduced to a candidate for city hall (like Roma’s Francesco Totti is here), we would oh, say, pull the sheet up over our nethers, scanties and so forth.  In fact, whether it was a man in a suit running for office or the random underpaid hospital slave who comes in to fluff the pillows and top up our water glass, we would still not be lounging in such a casually unclothed manner. 

Question: why exactly is Francesco meeting a city candidate when he’s just had surgery?

Anyhoo, the lesson here is not to question why, but to be thankful for the selfless ballers amongst us who teach us uptighties that wearing clothes is not a mandatory rule.


Via The Offside
Link: Totti To Have Surgery

Champions League Semis: It’s in the Stars



Astrological-minded Kickettes are you out there?

The latest analysis of the upcoming semi-final between Chelsea and Liverpool uses the birth signs of Avram Grant and Rafa Benitez to determine which manager will have the mettle to guide his team to victory.  No, seriously.

Using Chinese and Western astrology, celebrity astrologer Paul Watson says that Chelsea’s Grant is a “lovely fellow, a sweet good natured Taurian.“ Alas, by nature of the day he was born, he is a “worrier” and is weak in the face of criticism.  Benitez, the Aries “metal rat” (huh?), is “fantastically inflexible” and not strong enough to lead his team to a win. 

Enjoy the random star-crossed entertainment below and let us know who you predict will go through to the final.

Link: Avram the Wood Goat video
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Style Files: London Boys, Skinny Jeans


Those of you living in town know what we’re talking about: the increasing number of male Londoners wearing tapered jeans. 

It’s infiltrated the ranks of the footie world too – last month we clocked John Terry working a pair of rather slim-line jeans, and now Tottenham’s Jonathan Woodgate has been seen out at Nobu in a seriously fitted denim situation.

What’s your take on skinny jeans for men, Kickettes? Rock ‘n Roll? Or get the hell away from me you big girl?

Side note: also at Nobu but with a looser cut to their denim were Freddie “I just had a chemical peel” Ljungberg and Didier “the hair remains” Drogba.