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United BNO: Denim, Denim, Trainers


The United boys hit the San Carlo Restaurant in Manchester on Wednesday for a little celebratory din dins after their win against Roma.  No scandal to report, other than Rio Ferdinand’s curious sweater vest and Owen Hargreaves’s scarf concoction of Aztec style.

Side note: Owen Hargreaves – a much debated hottie or nottie here on Kickette – has just admitted he has been suffering from a knee injury that may never fully heal. He’s also stated he’s looking for a special someone who can nurse him back to full fitness with regular massages, candlelit dinners and – oh, no wait, sorry we’re still thinking about that whole slash fiction topic.


Chelsea BNO: Wool, Leather and Denim


The Chelsea boys were on a lad’s night out at the Funky Buddha in London celebrating their Champions League quarter final victory against Fenerbahce.

With both Petr Cech and the delectable Carlo Cudicini out on the injury list, Chelsea is going to have a serious uphill battle to regain their status as the team with the hottest goal keepers. We hope for all of our sakes that this serious situation will be rectified immediately. 

The site will be updated later this afternoon, but in the meantime feel free to use this post to gloat/complain/cry about the teams advancing to the semis, or to discuss the Chelsea player with the best denim.  Whatevs.


B-Day: Sergio Ramos


Happy belated birthday to Sergio Ramos, the Real Madrid man with hair that makes our eyes burn and the scissors in our beauty drawer leap to attention.

Sergio, as a gift for your 22nd b-day (March 30), we would like to present you with a free gift certificate to Super Cuts.

Side note: To the legions of die hard Sergio fans who would kill, maim and bitch slap anyone who dare speaks ill of this man, let us say: we appreciate, truly. But the hair, it gives us the itchies.

Lazy Links and Randoms



Rio Ferdinand looks set to become a father again. According to the NOTW, his fiancĂ©e, Rebecca, is four months along. Then again, the paper calls her ‘Rachel’ in their brilliantly fact-checked article. The pair already have a son, Lorenz, born in July 2006.

Jessica Brinton gives an insider’s view on Alex Curran and Liverpool Fashion Week.

Jens Lehmann gets in a fight with the paparazzi outside Embassy in London. Also at Embassy that night: Charlotte Mears. Zzzz.

Cheryl Cole gets well fugged.

A Kickette commenter gets quoted in the Independent’s story about Roy Keane’s hotness. Nice one, Ally!

New couple on the scene: Micah Richards is dating Coronation Street star, Helen Flanagan. Apparently after they met at a party he bombarded her with texts until she agreed to go out with him. Or, possibly he just showed her his abs and she immediately acquiesced.

Rio Ferdinand: England Captain, Rap Idol



Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand has been given the captain’s armband by Fabio Capello for England’s friendly against France tomorrow night.  Do you think he was the right choice?

Both John Terry and Steven Gerrard were in with a good chance at getting the job, but t’was not to be. Capello says he wants to use the non-crucial matches to test out a variety of players in the role.

Rio’s definitely a multi-talented, multi-tasking footie dude.  Aside from ‘merking’ the crap out of his mates, hiring hottie selectors and interviewing Diddy, Rio is setting up a Rap Idol fundraising competition with a stack of celebrities getting involved. The show (organised through Rio’s company, Next Generation TV & Film) has already signed on Coleen McLoughlin, Jordan (Katie Price), Chris Moyles, Amir Khan, John Barnes, Jimmy Carr and Shane Richie. 

Hopefully a list of actual celebrities will be released soon.  Naomi Campbell, Mark Ronson and Wayne Rooney have been requested.

Side note: If Coleen McLoughlin takes to the stage to throw down any form of rap, lyrical wizardry or spoken word performance, we’ll lose our minds – and wallets.