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John Terry Can’t Park



With the news that John Terry has been busted parking his Bentley in a handicapped space while having a long lunch with the family at Pizza Express, we’re torn.

On one hand, those pizzas are bloody good, and when that craving hits what are you going to do, drive around looking for a real parking space?  Please. Who has time for that?  The pepperoni wants what it wants.  Also, hungry kids locked in a confined space is never good. Maybe they needed to vacate and eat asap.

That said, we would recommend to our readers that one has the servant or driver park up the car, while you make a break for a window table and get ordering rather than park in a space clearly marked for people who are disabled. 

Here at Kickette HQ, we know many people who park in handicapped spaces “just for a minute” or who use handicapped bathroom stalls on the regs if they’re free. We can’t do. Deal breaker. The thought of heading back to the car, stomach full of red wine and pizza, and seeing a feeble old granny hiking in from across the carpark because her space was taken is too much for us.  Who knew we had such a conscience? 

Wrist slap for you JT.  Bad form.

Note: JT and Toni did sign autographs for both the able-bodied and otherwise after lunch.

Link: England Football Captain Caught

Pitter Patter/Career Drama: Xabi & Nagore


image courtesy of KEYSTONE Press

Congratulations to Xabi Alonso and his fiancé Nagore, who celebrated the birth of a baby boy on Tuesday.

As most of you know, the nummy Xabs made the decision to stay in the UK with Nagore (after her initial weekend birth hopes went out the window) rather than travel to San Siro to play against Inter Milan in Liverpool’s Champions League game. This decision did not go down terribly well with the boss.

We’re well aware of the importance of team loyalty, and the ‘life and death’ mentality that goes with it – and we respect that – especially for a big game like this. But seriously, aren’t there certain incidences where one is allowed to take a personal day from the office? We count childbirth and sales at Selfridges as two major examples when one is absolutely entitled to take time off. But that’s just us.

Was Xabi right to choose to stay back with Nagore? Tabloid reports would have it that his future at the club is in question over this – do you agree? Would everyone feel differently about Xabi’s decision if Liverpool had lost the match (nice one, Nando)? And most importantly, when do we see the baby pictures?

Style Files: Newcastle Get Their Kicks



images courtesy of North News & Pictures

Tuesday night was the third annual Fashion Kicks charity event run by Newcastle’s Shay Given and his wife Jane. The event raised over ¬£200,000 for Macmillan Cancer Tyneside Appeal, and featured some of the Toon Army lads channelling their inner Zoolander down the prestigious catwalks of St. James’s Park. The line up included Kevin Keegan, Steven Taylor, Shola Ameobi, Emre and Alan Smith. Westlife performed for the very vocal crowd who hooted and hollered their approval at the lads in their Prada, Dolce and Armani duds.

A note to you, Sir Smudger: we’ve appreciated parts of you in the past, and we know you have legions of admirers out there. But the gum chewing whilst on catwalk (see video below) has hurt us very deeply.

We get the vibe – you’re Fashion Man, you’re fierce, you’re in the strut zone and feeling macho. However, as any top model will tell you, the gum/chewing tobacco/Werthers stays in the backstage area. Rookie mistake. You too Abdoulaye Faye.

Link: Fashion Kicks clip
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The Derby: Manchester Goes Retro



Link: City Holds Their Breath


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Bossy Boots: Fabio Capello


Non-news flash: there will be no softly, softly team building approaches used by Fabio Capello when it comes to the England squad.  Fluffy bunnies and group hugs, be damned.


England’s friendly against Switzerland is tonight, and Fabs has been busy laying down the law: no hanging out in your hotel room playing video games, you have to sit in the same room and talk amongst yourselves or at least feign interest in each other’s jewellery; forget about those wanky British nicknames you all love to use amongst the lads, from now on you will be known by your last name and last name only; oh, and I’ll tell you who’s playing in the game when I’m good and ready, so piss off.

We aren’t down with Capello’s mini-hateration on Becks, but we are very much on board with the strictness and the formal demands he will be putting down on the boys.  We must admit to getting a tad fluttered at the thought of all those ballers humbly submitting to authority, preferably whilst wet from the shower and in towels. Not that we’re into that kind of thing, obviously.