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Photo Call: Steven Geriatric


Liverpool’s long awaited fancy dress Christmas party for 2007 took place last night (yes, in 2008), but it was well worth the re-scheduled wait. No idea what the deal was with the other holiday party they had – it’s said they held off because the Gerrard home was burgled, or perhaps it was just a lay-low after the Man U fiasco.

image courtesy of xposurephotos.com

Steven Gerrard went all out – and all liver spots – for his brilliant pensioners costume.  Love the effort and Lord knows we would kill for a photo of him in this getup embracing his wife Alex. 
Fernando Torres went as…. Fernando Torres.

More pics at the Daily Mail including Crouchie continuing his bird theme of 06 and Daniel Agger (hottie or nottie?) dressed as a punk rocker.

Exclusive: Inter’s Francesco Toldo Talks Fashion, Footie & Tight Trousers


imageThis weekend in Milan whilst drinking ourselves into a champagne- induced stupor at Donatella Versace’s Versace Pour Homme fragrance party we happened to bump into the lovely Francesco Toldo of Inter-Milan.

As the Italian goalkeeper for Donatella’s son Daniel’s favourite team, we think FT is the jackpot as far as football players go: the mandatory cheeky grin, requisite muscle-bound thighs and fun-loving personality. Hell, he was willing to talk about fashion, footballers’ legs and David Beckham’s golden balls. What’s not to love?

Click through for our exclusive chat with Francesco.

Randoms: Angries, Oldies and Undies


imageJoey Barton’s therapist says he is in for a whole ‘lotta brain re-programming.  His flashing-ass is now under the care of the Sporting Chance Clinic in Hampshire, which treats sportspeople with behavioural problems.

For those not in the know, Joey plays for Newcastle United and he got himself into some sort of beat-down situ outside a McDonalds – a little jail time resulted. Please note, this was not the first fists-meet-face incident he has been in. 

Mr. B is a bad boy, no doubt, but bad-boy “good”, or bad-boy “you’re a jackass”? You can guess where we stand.

Side note to the Newcastle coaching situation and the various names being thrown around for the open job: we are so over Alan Shearer. Not that we were ever anywhere near being under him, but this pic of Shearer and his old cronie mates in the Caribbean makes our teeth itch.  Is it the combined age of 700, or the swimming trunks that gives us the icks? We may never know.

image courtesy of Splash news/KEYSTONE press

Media call: Anyone in the UK, aged 20-30 interested in doing a (paid) story with a well known, high-circulation tabloid newspaper magazine? We were contacted by a journalist looking for WAGs, ex-WAGs, regular gals and in-betweens, who meet a specific criteria – see below.  If you’re up for it, drop us a line asap (via the contact us page) and we’ll forward your details on. 

If you used to be a real ‘girl about town’ and live the a high profile life with a high profile partner (footy or otherwise), but have since settled down and now live the simple life miles away from the party scene, or are perhaps running your own business now;
or, if you’re still living the party lifestyle but are starting to get bored of it and find it quite empty, but are addicted to the status of it all.

Note: this isn’t in any way affiliated with Kickette – we’re just the messengers. As such, we promise not to pester, mock nor stalk you if you parlay your tabloid story into a well-paid stint on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. 

imageA group of ballers have set up an initiative called A Star to help disadvantaged youths catch a break and get some appreciation for their skills with the goal of opening up ways into employment through sport and other creative activities.

Fitz Hall (who just signed with Queens Park Rangers from Wigan) is the main man behind the venture, and he’s pulled in England strikers Andy Johnson and Emile Heskey who are all doing the “A” sign when they score a goal.  Be charitable, and learn about the cause here. Our secret guilty pleasure is watching the numerous naff, controversial and cornball goal celebrations of our favourite ballers, so it’s nice to know this one comes with a good story.

Okay, we’re done with being 1% generous and somewhat thoughtful and non-snarky. That’s like, so 2007.  Now on with the photos of Becks in his briefs. Much better.

Links ‘n’ Such


West Ham’s Christmas party looked hella more fun than Man U’s.  Freddie Ljungberg’s ensemble is an interesting choice; perhaps he sent someone else on his behalf and stayed home to play Wii.

Jonny Evans has been named as the accused player in Manchester United’s alleged rape claim.  He is denying all charges.  We now can look forward to a wide range of “quality” reportage in the tabloids that will stretch out until the dawn of time with none of us ever really knowing what happened but everyone feeling like utter shite over a bad situ that should have never happened in the first place.  Gee, do you think Fergie’s breathing fire right now?

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi lost out in the FIFA Player of the Year awards to Ricardo Kaka.  Everyone’s hair on the night was subpar.  That’s all we have to say on the matter.

Every girl’s got one: a completely barmy mate who embarrasses the living snot out of you in public.  Alex Curran-Gerrard is no different.  See pics below of the pair coming out of Balans in Soho. Can anyone ID this loon who is taking precious camera space away from Alex’s photo op?  We’re concerned we do not recognize crazy.

And finally, Victoria Beckham took to the streets of London for a little shopping with a pair of seriously ashy knees. She needs to talk to Snoop about moisturizing.  Or alternatively, she could pop on a pair of tights since it’s freezing outside as a result of it being winter and all.



images: celebutopia

The Afters: Man U’s Xmas Party Goes Bad


It promised to be a night of hired help, hoochies in mini-dresses and players behaving like, well, players.


And so it was.  We’ve heard a bevvy of Page 3 models were in attendance at the Manchester United Christmas party last night, which went on into the early morning.

“Rooney and Rio spent most of the night on the dance floor – but Ryan Giggs stole the show when he did an Elvis Presley impression. He turned his collar up and started doing a mime to one of his songs – everyone formed a circle around him and started clapping. It was wall-to-wall babes. Some of the girls were absolute knock-outs.“

The team had eaten at the Manchester 235 casino, drank at the pub and headed to a local lapdancing club – but when they arrived and saw photographers there, no one stayed long.  The ballers had also booked the entire Great St. John Street Hotel for the night and were partying with over 100 women – none of which were their wives or girlfriends. A guest was quoted as saying:

“Lots of drink was flowing and there were a lot of the girls there simply trying to bag a footballer for the night. It was all very very sleazy. I’m just glad none of the WAGS were there. They would have been horrified.“

And now for the nasties: Police are now investigating claims by a woman who says she was sexually assaulted at the party.  The police were called out around 4.15 with the reports that a girl had been raped, which is now under inquiry. 

Papers are suggesting that since players were allowed to bring as many guests as they want, the assault may not have involved anyone from Manchester United. 

Link: Police Investigate Manchester United Rape Claim