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Six Degrees: Ashley Cole and Mariah Carey


So, this is random and may not win you any points at the next pub quiz, but here goes:  Chelsea’s Ashley Cole is related to head diva Mariah Carey.

Mariah says that while checking into her family tree to see if she had any relation to jazz legend Nat ‘King’ Cole she discovered that she shared a family lineage with Ashley instead. 

That seems a bit like searching in the sofa cushions for a lost

Multi-tasking: Didier Drogba


We like Didier Drogba.  Great striker, interesting backstory, etc.  We were not aware that he possessed any hidden talents.

So, when we first heard the stories that the double D was due to perform on stage, singing, at the Royal Festival Hall in London, we thought: is he, bollocks.

But perhaps not. Sept 23 is looking like the date to mark in your diaries – actually, pencil it in the day before, so you have time to pick up some ear plugs. 

Didier will be performing at a charity concert for African HIV and AIDS victims – a good cause, but surely his talents could be used otherwise? We’re thinking a foundation to help those who’ve also suffered at the hands of an overzealous jar of no-lye hair relaxer.

“Yes, it’s true I can sing,‘ says Drogba. ‘But it’s not what I do best.‘


Anyhoo, in anticipation of DD’s big debut, the music Gods have provided us with an anti-racism track, out next month, featuring D and his boy Michael Essien and some band we’ve never heard of. It’s called “Skin”.  And it’s quite possibly the worst thing we’ve ever heard.  Watch it here, via Chelsea Pies. See if you get past the 30 second mark.  We dare you.

Link: Is Didier Drogba The Next Pavarotti?

Jose Mourinho: Buh Bye Chelsea


Wow.  Chelsea without Jose Mourinho?  That’s un-possible.

The man who once declared himself as the “Special One” has left Stamford Bridge. 

Apparently Jose texted several of his players to tell them that he was outtie after a series of crisis talks with Chelsea went nowhere. 

What will the boys in blue do without their arrogant, salt ‘n pepper haired shot-caller? Are there any Chelsea-flavoured Kickettes out there feeling the pain of this announcement?

We know there are many undercover Mourinho lusters who will not take the news lightly.  This leads to the most pressing matter: with Jose out of the Premier League (for now), who is the hottest manager on the pitch?

Link: Chelsea Confirm Mourinho Departure


Jermaine Pennant: Queue Jumping and Steaming


Liverpool’s Jermaine Pennant and Charlton’s Jerome Thomas got themselves into a spot of bother whilst out in Bournemouth recently.

Anyone not familiar with Bournemouth, please know this: it is a lovely seaside town made for getting in trouble. You’re not allowed to hit the high street unless you are wearing a belt mascarading as a skirt, have been drinking for several days straight and have possibly snogged a dozen people within two hours.  As you might assume, it is one of our favourite places to summer. 

Anyhoo, Mr. P and Mr. T tried to jump the queue at a late night pizza takeaway and it didn’t quite go according to plan.  As drunk bystanders in need of a slice of pizza will do, someone told them to get to the back of the line.  Cut to name calling and shoving and Jerome elbowing a random woman in the face.


The girl, who is not being named, said: “Thomas’s arms were flailing. I got his elbow in the face, which really hurt.”

Police were called and a female cop wrestled the midfielder to the ground.

So, Jerome spent eight hours in the nick, and we’re not sure what happened to Jermaine, though witnesses told the Sun that he was “steaming drunk.“  So steamingly blottered, in fact, that as he was waving his hands around telling everyone to “calm down”, he fell over.  We’re assuming he is still there as we have yet to hear otherwise.

Jermaine is on break from playing for two weeks and has served a jail term for drink-driving. Earlier this year he was arrested for a public order offence. 

Link: Ace Hurt Pizza Girl in Brawl

A Bluffer’s Guide to Women’s Football


The Women’s World Cup is mere moments away and we had no idea.  Obviously we need some outside help, and possibly a newspaper or two.

In the wake of our ‘ignance, the lovely Carrie @ new football site Kickster.tv, has graciously agreed to fill us in on what we need to know in women’s footie – as quite obviously, we don’t know squat about it. 

We do, however, know where to get a good martini.  So it all evens out.


As much as the newly-contracted Arsene Wenger might try, it’s unlikely he’s ever going to win four major trophies in a season.

But that’s exactly what his kit-man Vic Akers did last season as manager of the Arsenal ladies, who are head and shoulders above everyone else in the FA National Premier Division. They’d better watch out because in customary style Chelsea have invested heavily in their women’s side, and will be snapping at their heels this time round.

You’ll have to hang on a second however, because even though the elite domestic season has started, it’s not up and running properly.  That’s because the top players are all out in China ready for the World Cup, and most of the Premier fixtures have been postponed. Yes, the girls are ready to go, and if you’re a bit fuzzy on the details of the women’s World Cup, we at Kickster are happy to help.

First up, the decent teams: the USA are favourites to win (remember that lass who whipped her top off after scoring the winning goal in the final of 1999? That was them); not far behind them are Germany, who’re the cup holders and European champions to boot.

The middling teams: Canada, Brazil, China and North Korea are all decent second-tier sides if you fancy a long-ish punt. The making-up-the-numbers teams: Ghana and Nigeria are dominant in Africa but have virtually no chance here. New Zealand are getting better but remain a long way off World Cup contenders, and while Australia are looking stronger than ever, they weren’t really that good to begin with.

imageAs for England, Hope Powell takes her strongest outfit ever to China. After a nail-biting qualification campaign, this is England’s first World Cup finals since the second official tournament in Sweden in 1995, when they managed to get out of the group but were soundly thumped by Germany in the first knockout match. The old enemy more than likely have first place in group A sewn up already; but the good news is that two teams go through and Powell’s girls are in more than fine enough form to pip Argentina and Japan to second spot. The bad news is they’re likely to face the might of the USA or Sweden in the quarter-final.

UK supporters can pick up all the England games on the BBC and British Eurosport.  Of course, Kickster will have comprehensive China coverage and much in the way of banter, discussion and inside info.

Carrie Dunn is editor of Kickster (www.kickster.tv), a blog dedicated to women’s football and women in football.

Link: Big Crowds Expected for Women’s World Cup