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Freddie Ljungberg: Buh Bye Arsenal



Freddie Ljungberg is leaving Arsenal FC.

It’s the end of an era.  An era spent watching Mr. L cavort in his skivvies for Calvin Klein underwear ads and other sizzling modeling jobs where he flexed his pecs and we were transported to a happy, well-toned and wealthy place. 

Without incurring the wrath of our friendly neighbourhood Arsenal supporters – with Theirry Henry on defect to Barcelona and Freddie on the way to West Ham – we have to ask: is this team still good looking?

I think we all know the answer to that question.

Link: Ljungberg Completes Transfer To West Ham

Pitch Play: Becks gets grassy


The LA Galaxy and Chelsea FC will be playing a pre-season exhibition match on 21st July.  Both teams held an open training session at the main stadium in Los Angeles yesterday. 

Becks has an ankle injury – it’s unsure if he will play in the game this weekend.  As a result, he didn’t fully train with the Galaxy for the entire sesh.  He did, however, do some pelvic thrusts and work the groin.  As you do.

Thanks for the pics Tammy.


Back on the Market: Thierry Henry



It’s been officially announced: Thierry Henry and his wife Claire are getting a divorce.

Is nothing sacred anymore?  Regardless of how annoying the va-va-voom car ads were, we loved these two as a couple.  They seemed so… normal.  And now, in the name of normal relationships, they have fought like dogs, hate each other and are bitter.

Those in the know have been gossiping about the split since Thierry’s move to Barcelona began to look like a dead cert.

Last week Thierry was spotted getting close to two women at a 50 Cent concert in Paris, and he didn’t wear his wedding ring to Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s wedding,(Claire didn’t attend, even though she is a close friend of the two).  When in Paris Thierry also partied like only a single man worth millions can, for five days straight in casinos and nightclubs.  He also recently moved out of the Hampstead house he shares with Claire and their two year old daughter Tea after a series of arguments and fights – he hasn’t been back since.

Claire is best known by her modelling name, Nicole Merry and will stay in the UK with their daughter. 

When asked about the whole Barcelona/marriage situ, Thierry was quoted as saying “… lots of things have changed recently and I had to get away from everything English, including my wife unfortunately.“


Link: Thierry’s Marriage Has Gone Va-Va Voom
Link: Thierry’s Vamoosed

Beck Talk: The Round up



LA has fully surrendered to Brand Beckham.  Here’s your weekend re-cap.

Victoria’s appearance on Jay Leno Friday night was surprisingly entertaining – Posh did her spin doctors proud and was actually quite delightful.  No, seriously. It hurts us to admit, but it’s true.  You Tube has part 1 and part 2 available for your viewing pleasure.

Side note: Victoria is nailing the style stakes so far in LA, keeping the cleavage under wraps and going with tailored classy not assy.  We likey.  Props are particularly due to Victoria for her hot pink keeping-it-covered-but-preserving-her-sexy Roland Mouret “moon” dress (regular folks can’t get a hold of this dress until November of this year). (And by regular, we mean non-celebs, or those who balk at spending $2,150 on fabric.) (Her shoes – please, look at those bad boys in the close up below, are Balenciaga, and her bag is a £10,000 Hermes ostrich skin Birkin.) (Last fashion notes: VB also wore RM on the Jay Leno show.)


Frank Lampard: Nothing Happened, Okay?


image: news of the world


Frank Lampard seems to have gotten himself into a sticky-icky situation in Vegas. Granted, Vegas is a city built for sticky-ickys, so this should come as no surprise, really. Vegas = gambling, alcohol and women. This = a very happy place for the ballers amongst us, who have few other interests outside these areas.

Anyhoo, Lampard has been in Vegas since Weds, on a lads-only vacay with Teddy Sheringham, Wayne Bridge, and Glen Johnson.

Reports are flying that Frank hooked up with an Eastern European brunette and spent four hours with her in the private villa the boys had rented at the Wynn Hotel. Let us just mention here, the boys all had their own suites at the hotel, but booked a villa specifically for other purposes.

Says the croupier at the table where the boys were getting their gamble on:

“They were laughing about taking women back to the hotel’s Fairview Villa.

“I heard several telling girls they had their own suites, but had hired the villa for fun. They called it their ‘P*ssy Playhouse’ and were being quite crude.”

We refuse, on principle, to comment on the name of the playhouse. We simply cannot.