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Die Hard Award: John Terry

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Chelsea skipper and haiku inspirer John Terry took one hell of a nasty boot to the head from Arsenal’s Abou Diaby during the Carling Cup last Sunday. 

It left him unconcious and turning blue from lack of oxygen.  He was rushed the hospital for a brain scan and later released.

So he could go par-tay.

John and his Chelsea boys hit Aura nightclub in London’s Mayfair until around 3am, when he then admitted (with slurred speech) to feeling a little “woozy” – and it wasn’t because of alky-hol.  (Even though the crew knocked back over

the splits: Stewart & Michaela


imageWAGs Boutique is losing another “official” WAG off the list.

Michaela Henderson-Tynne and Stewart Downing have split up. 

After four rocky years together (with frequent arguments, including a huge row on Michaela’s 21st birthday), the two have called it quits. We’re not sure who dumped who – maybe after Stewart saw her fighting with Cassie Sumner on WAGs Boutique he had to let it go.  Then again, he didn’t dump her after her World Cup Idol performance (singing ‘There’s only one Stewart Downing!‘ at the Garibaldi club after knocking back a gazillion bottles of Legras Grand Cru, Vodka Red Bulls and Sambucca shots), so perhaps things just ran their course.

Ms HT is a 3rd year law student at Newcastle University and even with a seemingly decent future ahead earning her own cash and using her brain, we’re very concerned about what happens when you’re removed from the WAG roster.  Dear kickettes, what lies ahead after that dark, dark day?  Endorsing a line of mystic spray tan?  Moving on to lesser sportsmen like bowlers or (gasp) darts players? 

For Ms HT, we hear a resounding, “perhaps” ringing out loud and clear. 

Link: Downing Ditches His Wag

Marco Boriello: It Wasn’t Me

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We can’t stop saying it: if you’re going to be dumb, at least be cute. And please don’t try to blame your screw up on someone else.

In the case of Milan’s Marco Boriello, he’s failing a little on his smarts getup. Admittedly, in the looks dept we’re full of purring approval.

Here’s where it gets sticky: He fails a drug test – twice. He then blames his model-girlfriend, Belen Rodriguez for giving him an STD and saying the cream he had to use to rid himself of the creepy crawly nasties contained a substance on the banned list. Follow the link for more icky deets. We’re off to take a hot shower.

Link: Milan Striker Fails Drugs Test

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property watch: wayne rooney


Wayne Rooney has just bought a

driving mr terry

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John Terry and Ashley Cole were hanging out at the Celebrity Christmas Fair on Friday. They got straight into the bumper cars and hit the road.

Terry drove, Cole rode shotgun. *insert your own co-pilot joke here*

So, we hate ourselves for even reporting on this story, but someone out there somewhere may find it compelling news. Like a person who works for Dodgems Inc. or reads Bumper Car Weekly.

Link: How’s The Back?

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