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wayne rooney can read!


Thought he could only score goals, swear like a scurvy-infected sailor and sleep with 80-year-old prostitutes on his downtime? You thought wrong, dear friends.

With the recent release of his autobiography, “My Story So Far”, Mr. Rooney is now an accomplished author.

(Take that all you useless talented non-prostitute-visiting writers trying to get a book deal!)

With the help of ghostwriter (okay, the real author), Hunter Davies, this is the first book in a five book deal for Rooney.

It’s good to know there’s a career option open for him if the whole footy thing doesn’t pan out. 

Not everyone is behind the new scribe: Rooney’s former manager David Moyes (Everton) has threatened to sue over some of the things Rooney says in the book, in particular, that he “forced” Rooney out of the club.

Zzz: Abbey & Crouchy


Let it be said: Abi whatsyerface and Peter “tall and lanky” Crouch, we don’t care if you’re a couple or not.


In most instances, we here at Kickette are happy to be the first to jump on the “are they/aren’t they” bandwagon of endless discussion, speculation and analysing of body language from paparazzi photos of footballers and their gals, but not in this case.

We don’t like Abi Clancy.

No, we don’t know why.


trend spotting: baby repair kits


Footballer’s wives have always known babies make great designer accessories – not as good as a Chloe Paddington handbag, mind you – but fairly decent nonetheless.

Now the boys are getting in on it. The latest use for their offspring? As “repair kits” for the players.

The Sunday Times has reported that several Premier League football players have stored stem cells from their newborn babies as future protection against a career threatening injury.

It’s thought that in the future the cells can be used to cure ligament and cartilage injuries.

One footballer, playing in the Northwest of England is quoted as saying: “We decided to store our new baby’s stem cells for possible future therapeutic reasons… As a footballer, if you?re prone to injury it can mean the end of your career, so having your stem cells – a repair kit if you like – on hand makes sense.“

Link: Footballers Use Babies As Repair Kits

reyes: buh-bye london


Jose Reyes is like, so over England, dudes.

The Arsenal frontman and half-hottie has made it publicly clear he would happily defect to any team in Spain – Real Madrid, Atletico, Seville – because he “wants to leave London”.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is sure to love that statement – previously he vowed to make Reyes stay if Arsenal’s free-Reyes demands of

where is the love?


It’s right here, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. So much for tabloid reports about these two after the World Cup sending off.

However, there certainly is no love in any shape or form between Mr. Rooney and the FA.

Rooney was sent off in a pre-season friendly against Porto and given a three game suspension. Infuriated by the ban, Rooney railed off a scathing letter through his agent threatening to withdraw any participation in England’s off the pitch commercial activities. This means the FA couldn’t use his image to publicize any of the upcoming games between Man U and Macedonia in October.

The FA has responded, but we can’t be bothered to find the quote. Basically, they told him to piss off and get back to sitting on the bench.