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England boss Steve McClaren is celebrating his first victory as new team boss. England trounced Greece 4-0, with goals by newly appointed captain, John Terry, Frank Lampard (hope he’s exorcised those World Cup demons), and Peter Crouch (goals 2, cocaine snorting breast-flashing, unfaithful girlfriends – 0). John Terry says that David Beckham sent him a text message wishing him good luck, and that it was a dream come true to have a result like that.

Colleen McLoughlin has revealed her top fashion tips for the new season:
“Invest in a quality handbag, shoes and belt. Buy items that match different trends, like the leopard print bag, rather than spending all your money on one look.“ She also hypes gold and lurex as “really glam”.

Pregnancy rumours are flying around Victoria Beckham, but their reps refuse to confirm or deny. The timing of their recent “love boat” action seems too soon for anyone to know surely? Tabloids are saying Victoria’s recent wardrobe choices of “baggy” tops are a dead giveaway.

Link: Why Looking Like Posh is a Curse

Bayern Munich aren’t interested in Manchester United’s offer for midfielder Owen Hargreaves, even though he has said he would love to return to the English Premiership.

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john terry haiku


Buff man chest
Face somewhat pleasing
New captain.

The Friday Fit: David James

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Courtesy of this week’s fabu popbitch newsletter:

Stan Collymore has just spent a week at the nudist resort, Cap d’Agde in France.  Apparently he’s shagged at least 100 women, most of them publicly.

“Dozens of very beautiful women were seen throwing themselves at him as, we’re told, Stan is rather well-hung and currently very toned. However, Stan rejected most of them and made a beeline for “mumsy types”


Stan used to be sexy. 

However, after the public beatdown of then-girlfriend Ulrika Jonsson in a pub in ‘98, trying to sell a tape of them having sex and his various “dogging” incidences up and down the UK, we say: now, not so much.  Or: ick.  Or: wait, aren’t you married??

And there’s more, on Chelsea defender John Terry:

According to PB,

Football clubs are buzzing with the story that (potential England captain) John Terry’s mum got, er, rather friendly, with Jamie Carragher’s brother at the World Cup.

italian knuckles rapped for match fixing


Yowser. The Italian football league has been turned upside down after a disciplinary tribunal docked AC Milan 15 points next season, and demoted Juventus, Lazio and Fiorentina to the realms of the second division.

All four clubs have been banned from European competiton.

Italian reaction is unsurprisingly dramatic. See below for their local headlines.

But first: a photo of one hottie we’ll be missing in European competition: Adrian Mutu of Juventus.

Gazzetta dello Sport “HAMMER BLOW: But it’s only the first round. The ball now passes to the federal court”

Corriere della Sera “Just 120 hours after the joyful day of the World Cup, Italian football is living the most unfortunate day”

Il Messagero “The world turned upside down the day the French celebrate the storming of the Bastille. The amnesty party has suffered a series of headbutts even more violent than those of Zidane”

La Stampa “Another Juve will arise and I hope, with all my heart, so too will Italian football